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RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!


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I'm of the mentality that the fit should come first (unless you're going for the loose sort of anti fit thing, which is great, and then a cm here and there doesn't much matter).

But it's really no fun to size up for the thighs/top block and then have a waist that's sloppy...especially if you're looking to dress them up sometimes.

By measurements, the 714 would work for me, but they'd still cut it close and I've avoided them for that reason (that and I have enough). 

The idea of dressing them up or down is very likely just because you've seen them styled that way because of the preferences of Hayashi-san. They're blue jeans and like @yung_flynn said other brands will work just fine for this - it's more the fit and the minimal detailing that makes them suitable, not anything particular about Resolute. I'd start with your hopeful top block measurements for a given waist size and see where that gets you brand wise. Another brand that is often style more Ivy is Boncoura - their XX fit might work (not war model but still repro). 

I have to plug the Freewheelers '51 here also - it's pretty affordable from Japan, takes well to washing, and has a generous but still more refined silhouette. The stitching will last you longer than WH/Denime too, if that matters. They have a '47 too, but it sounds like the '51 might actually work better for what you want. 

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Appreciate everyone's input here. A lot of valid points were brought up in terms of fitting/brands.

I'm holding off on the 714's. I did dive through the Denime thread and came across a few shops in Japan that still have some stock left. So I'll be double checking measurements and looking into the 220a. Those seem to hit the mark in terms of fit in regards to the top block and sizing.

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On 3/11/2024 at 3:36 AM, beautiful_FrEaK said:

OD = overdyed?
I'm not allowed to speak about it anyway :D 

Oo, I thought he just did the natural versions of the 710 and 711 for every five year anniversary... interesting...

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