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RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!


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21 hours ago, blooming said:

Interesting, I’ve put my 710 and 711 through the dryer and nothing like that @vexed_wear. Maybe the heat was really high?

It’s just a normal Bosch dryer at home.  I’m pretty sure I used the same setting on my boncoura and the leather patch survived.   Apparently it’s fake leather that causing this massive shrinkage 😅

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Le 26/04/2023 à 16h16, unionmade a déclaré :

Voici quelques photos d'ajustement. Les jeans sont toujours très croquants et ne « tombent » pas encore naturellement. Un peu cogné sur l'entrejambe (j'aimerais que ce soit suffisant pour un petit brassard), mais fonctionnera avec les chukkas d'hiver. Idéalistement, j'aime que le bout du poignet touche la chaussure. L'ajustement est assez bon, je voulais une paire ajustée mais pas contraignante. Je pense qu'ils seront bons avec l'usure. J'aurais pu aller pour un 34", mais des tracas avec les retours, donc je vais les garder.

Voici les mesures (méthode denimio)

taille 33/36, oner wash. taille 42 (côté à côté), taille avant 28,5 cm, cuisses 29,5, genou 20, ourlet 20, entrejambe 83,5







@unionmade Hello, I just received my 714 in W33. the cut is perfect. Have you washed yours yet? Did it shrink to the waist afterwards? Does the fabric stretch after wearing it for several days? I wonder if I should have taken a W34.

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4 hours ago, CharlieMike said:

I received my Resolute 714, size W33, I wonder if I should have taken a W34. Does anyone know if it stretches a lot after wearing it for several days? Is shrinkage expected after washing? Compared to the One Wash measurements, does it shrink or not?

My 711 (same denim as 714) didn’t shrink at all after a warm wash/machine dry. They do stretch a bit, so you are probably fine.

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Il y a 44 minutes, blooming a dit :

Mon 711 (même denim que 714) n'a pas du tout rétréci après un lavage chaud/séchage à la machine. Ils s'étirent un peu, donc vous allez probablement bien.

@floraison Thank you for your reply. Can I ask you what size you are in 714 and in Denime 221? I wear 221 in W32 and 714 in W33.

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I washed my Resolute 714 for the first time after wearing it for 60 days 😅


Resolute 714 W33 L34:

One wash / worn 60 days / 1st wash at 40 degrees

Waist: 40.5cm/43cm/40.5cm

Front rise: 29 cm / 29.5 cm / 28.75 cm

Back rise: 38 cm / 38.5 cm / 37.75 cm

Thigh (top): 32 cm / 33 cm / 32 cm

Inseam: 81 cm / 81 cm / 78 cm

Leg opening: 21.5 cm / 21.5 cm / 21.5 cm


It's interesting to see that the measurements haven't changed much except the length, the inseam shrunk by 3 cm between the new jeans (one wash) and the first machine wash.

I'm really happy with these jeans, the fit is wonderful, and I think the wash has a lot of potential.




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Got some 714s from the Bears fitting. These are signed and I got some stickers and a mug but maybe these are too short. They're settling a bit but I'm worried that even at one factory wash they will be less than perfect with cold washes and hang dries. 29x30. Actual length is 28.5". 

I'm a 30" inseam.I do tend to cuff this high, so I'm not sure. Opinions?  







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