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RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!


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Got my 714's in the mail. Huge ww2 beltloops (compared then with sugar cane 66' in the photos). Still find the inseam relatively short for a 36". Also front rise is quite short. Overall a good fit and nice relaxed taper.














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Inseam in 36 is still short compared to eg. my FC 0105 (34) and Sugar Cane 66'. I find the front rise an inch too low. The 33" is a very middle rise on me..Think a 34" would be better. Will sum up the measurements later today and upload a fit.

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Here are some fit-pics. Jeans are still very crisp and does not "fall" naturally yet. Kind of bumped on the inseam (wish it was enough for a small cuff), but will work with winter chukkas. Idealistically I like the tip of the cuff to touch the shoe..Fit is pretty good, wanted a fitted but not constraining pair. Think they will be good with wear. Could have gone for a 34", but hassle with returns, so I´ll keep these.

Here are measurements (denimio method)

size 33/36, oner wash. waist 42 (side to side), front rise 28,5 cm, thighs 29,5, knee 20, hem 20, inseam 83,5







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1 hour ago, indigoeagle said:

They look great on you.

But quite slim with 20cm hem.
How would you compare the fit to the 710? Mostly more space in the thighs?

The denim is the same?

@indigoeagle Yes 21cm would be best for hem. Def. more space in the thighs for the 714´s vs 710´s. I usually wear 32/33.  Never really got sizing of the 710´s (sold all my 3 pairs). However both rise doesn´t feel that different from the 710´s. Would say Resolute in general is on the slimmer size. Of the jeans I own I´d say the 714 is comparable to my LVC 1947. If you want the 714 or 710s  roomier definitely size up. 

@beautiful_FrEaK Thanks. Agreed, more "streamed" than I thought. Although they already stretch after some hours use.  Do you know where the cotton/fabric is from?

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Still on the outside trying to sort out what size 714 to order if I do. I get that they are still fairly slim as Resolute will be but @unionmade did you find they came up slimmer than the measurements themselves?

Any comparisons to offer with common brands like sugar cane, tcb etc? I was thinking to go for a 30 (I'm a comfortable 29 in my warehouse jeans) - but now torn on maybe even doing 31. Or just maybe none haha. 


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@AlientoyWorkmachine Think it depends on your bodytype (height/bmi). How streamlined they are will also depend on leg length (I´m 6,5") and cuff depending on size of you cuff and inseam length (e.g 32-36). The measurements was about the same as where I bought from https://bears-tokyo.myshopify.com/collections/resolute/products/resolute-714-ww2-model-straight  They write to expect a misalignment on 1-2 cm.  I also own a WH 1001 in 32" which feels slimmer than 714 33".  Then again, 33" Sugar Cane 1966 is wider/roomier/longer rise/inseam (more rise and space in thighs) than 714. Same with my FC 1105. 714 are still pretty streamlined if you ask me, but more room in hips/ thighs than 710. Not sure what WH you own (but if its 1001), choose a 714 in one size or two up depending on how "true" you want your WW2 model. I was mainly "disappointed" with front rise and inseam, feels shorter than I expected. There are some fit pics https://bears-tokyo.myshopify.com/collections/resolute/products/resolute-714-ww2-model-straight The model is quite average height and low bmi.  Also as you see on this link https://www.resolute.jp/archives/1482 ? 714 are Def. not a straight cut, they are gently tapered with more rooms in thighs and hips than 710, as Hayashi writes. I love the cut, especially if inseam is not problem, get a pair!


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Finally got my hand on the 710. I gave them a cold soak to deal with all of the shrinkage.  Gotta admit this is the shortest inseam that I’ve ever worn but I really like the fit atm. Also, the leg twist on them is seriously impressive.


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^ that looks very good. Seems you have a body type compatible with the 710, very flattering for those who can. I’ve given up myself, after trying three different sizes that all worked in the waist, but hugged the thighs and sort of crunched the crotch. It’s almost as if they weren’t designed for tall skinny westerners.


posts above made me order a pair of 714s.

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On 5/9/2023 at 1:36 AM, beautiful_FrEaK said:

That's like an oxymoron. Did you buy a raw version or was it already one-wash?
Fit looks good so far!

Thank you!
I got one-wash version from Bears. The inseam so far has shrunk down around 1/2 inch. I wonder if it could shrink even more with washes.

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9 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

Sounds to me like the perfect body for the 710 as it is quite slim :D 
I'm only (rather) tall and a Westerner so the 710 is not the ideal cut on me.

Ah, another downside to having muscles (let's call it that), the 710 won't fit you. In my case, unburdened by muscles, it's more the proportions. It feels like the part of the leg thats meant to be a knee is way up my thigh. Going up in size just seems to inflate the waist. So going up from my usual 31 or 32 to 36 would probably still be too tight in the legs, but flowing around the hips and waist. Like wearing a giant washing glove. Only with two fingers. And made in denim.

I have high hopes for the 714. I've found Resolute quite different from other denim brands I like, less workweary, tidy enough for office and my mother in law's sunday dinners. They also help keep alive my dream of becoming a surfing pensioner with naturally warm ankles.

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