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RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!


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On 5/9/2023 at 3:01 AM, bloom said:

^ that looks very good. Seems you have a body type compatible with the 710, very flattering for those who can. I’ve given up myself, after trying three different sizes that all worked in the waist, but hugged the thighs and sort of crunched the crotch. It’s almost as if they weren’t designed for tall skinny westerners.


posts above made me order a pair of 714s.

I also think the 710 would be a better fit for someone with a tall and slender body, particularly those with slimmer thighs. On the other hand, the 712 appears to be designed for people who require more room at the thighs. Personally, I prefer the fit of the 712 as it offers more space for my thighs. But it only comes with zipper so I decided to go with the 710 instead. 

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13 hours ago, lee porter said:

Dear get the 714s 

I did, actually, received them today. First experience buying from Bears, and it was great. Fast and neat and discreet.

I like this model, I think. Finally enough space in the thighs without sizing way up. I got a 32/36, so up one from my WH1001 (though I could probably take a 32 in those), and SC66 (very comfortable). Still a bit close in the back rise, but not like the 711s, which creep up beyond the borders of my comfort zone. Giving them a 40’ wash now. As was stated by someone above, the length does not quite correspond what it says on the tag. The “36” is actually closer to 33” (before hit wash). Personally I quite like the ankle freezer look, as I wear a lot of blazers etc for work, and could have gone with L34 (which would probably mean an actual 31).  but since I’ve managed to hem all my other favorite jeans on the shorter side, underestimating further shrinkage, this time I wanted something I can cuff for once.

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Ordered my dad a pair of 710s in advance for Father's Day, and just took some shots of my daily driver pair next to the new. Fun to see the evolution side-by-side in person.

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On 5/14/2023 at 8:58 AM, beautiful_FrEaK said:

Resolute shrinks from tag size in the inseam (but only there) so there is a slight connection between the jeans and the tag size.

So and now, fit pics please gents! :D

With Resolute, after dealing with a few pairs of 710s and even more pairs of AA710 (or whatever their code were), I’ve come to think of the numbers on the tag more like haikus than numbers corresponding to actual measurements. I’m usually a 31, but a 32-34 in the 710s, and a 32 in 711 (though back rise is a bit voracious). Not sure what I should choose in 712, if I ever decide to try those as well.

However, the 714s are almost like normal jeans, i.e. 31” almost equals thirty-one inches, with regards to waist. So my w32s are very generous. They’ll work fine, but I would’ve gone for a W31L34 if I were to order again.



Comfy, and lots of cuffing possible.


Denim loosened up a lot after wash, the back rise not a problem at all.

IMG_1286.thumb.jpeg.8d0916e55a7d2766b5994780da5ff854.jpeg Waist band slightly sloppy, could easily slip a bottle of barolo or a Walkman down my trouser leg without unbuttoning.


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Actually pulled out the remaining résolûtes last week, to compare denim with the new 714. Turns out six months of little/no serious exercise, lots of stress and forgetting to eat has shrunk my thighs. Wouldn’t recommend it, probably took a few years off of my total life expectancy, but at least the skinny Japanese jeans fit me better. Still snug around the knees and thighs.


Here’s a pair of 710 W32L34.




Seemed to remember I gave up on these after two uncomfortable weeks, but they have a bit of wear.IMG_1293.thumb.jpeg.61fea381db4f91d3f2d0eedacad1b245.jpeg


The box of expensive jeans reminded me why I gave up on this interest for quite some time - I’m world champion of mis-sizing, and the few pairs I almost got right were more or less sabotaged by hemming. And I don’t even care for the hunt, or have OCD, I just wanted decent jeans like the old Levi’s hand-me-downs I wore as a kid. Too much fuss.

On the other hand, it now reminds me why I bothered in the first place. Specifically for this pair, the denim is just really, really nice. In a completely unspectacular way, I mean, just nice.

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Really, really nice in an unspectacular way is exactly how I'd describe Resolute, too. After wasting too much money on poor fits and buying into hype, it's really one of only a handful of brands I'd repeatedly buy from. 


Fwiw, I think both pairs you posted fit you well @bloom! Funny  we both post in this thread, since I was wondering who took the username I use everywhere else when I signed up here lmao :laugh2: 

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 @bloom I have to resuscitate my pair of 710 after two years of sleeping in the closet. I think I wore them around 100 days and washed them about 10 times. too many dogs lead to the rabbit's death. I only wear jeans that are at the top of the pile .... my vote is 710 fit

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16 hours ago, bloom said:

Not sure what I should choose in 712, if I ever decide to try those as well.

I won't recommend them. I tried the 712 twice and they are absolute ball crushers. The rise might be in tha ballpark of the 711 (so already low to begin with) but the crotch area is tight. The 711 are simply much more comfortable and the 710 as well.

Also thanks for posting your fits!

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On 5/16/2023 at 5:31 PM, blooming said:

Fwiw, I think both pairs you posted fit you well @bloom!

Thanks! I'll find use for both. The 710s are good with a shirt, and I can wash them whenever. Gave the 714s a 60'wash to get the shrink out, didn't seem to do all that much except take an inch out of the inseam. Playing with the idea of wearing them for trips in the woods + handywork for a month or two, and not washing them too much, see if it gets any interesting results at all. Not sure I want to prioritize them for a long time, though, been wanting to try either a Freewheeler 661 (I think), a Warehouse of the kind used in the competition you had recently, or a TCB of some kind, and live in them for a while. Just to see what my life looks like.


Funny  we both post in this thread, since I was wondering who took the username I use everywhere else when I signed up here lmao :laugh2: 

Ah, so you're the one running up bills in my name, making inappropriate jokes during meetings and generally ruining my reputation. Always did suspect it wasn't really me doing all that.

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For reference, here’s a pair of the AA710s in size W34L33, that I bought some years ago from a German guy who was into cosplaying a Japanese gentleman half his size.

Looser in the waist and slightly higher rise, but they actually fit pretty much the same as the blue w32s above. So yoga is still out of the question.


On 5/17/2023 at 7:00 AM, beautiful_FrEaK said:

I won't recommend them. I tried the 712 twice and they are absolute ball crushers.


Ah, that doesn’t sound good. With the 710s I find it’s mainly the lower thighs and especially around the knees that are limiting.

Perhaps the thread should be renamed to “ankle freezers, ball crushers and knee tremblers”. Though I have a feeling at least one of these terms has a double meaning that I don’t fully grasp.

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3 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

Sounds like me. Probably was me?!


I have no idea who that is. Is he rather private, a bit paranoid and has almost zero online presence?

(but the jeans definitely came from you, and I remember it was a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks, mate! Btw, I think you pull off the Hayashi-look very well).


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3 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

I might repeat myself but my 710 feel like skinny jeans now when I wear them after I wore 50s cuts



I'm in the same situation again.
12 years ago it was mostly slim for a few years. Then wider cuts, then straight/slim again, and now for a year or so 40s/50s again. Seems to be the cycle.
I was always too heavy for skinny. Tried it, but it didn't really work. On some people it can look good, I have to say.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've received orders in my mailbox from BEARS in as little as 3 days from the time I placed the order, and at most it's taken about 2 weeks (but that can be blamed on EMS/USPS). They almost always ship the order within a day of placing it. Recently ordered a pair of 710s for my dad for Father's Day, and the size was temporarily sold out and they let me know the same day. They told me it'd be in stock within a week, and they shipped it as soon as they got them in. Great service from BEARS, always.

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Just wanted to share my Resolute denim experience to help those on the fence. I was drawn to the brand's inseam length sizing and got hooked on the fitting videos featuring Hayashi-San.

After much deliberation, I decided to take the plunge and ordered a 710 in 34x31 (one wash) from Chamber Tokyo (great service). Sizing charts for the inseam length were actually quite varied between different sites so I asked them to confirm inseam length before shipping. I originally was going to order L30 which actually measured as 70cm (I wanted 72cm).

L31 measures at 72cm but after a warm 40 (C) wash and dryer though, it shortened to 70.5cm (as expected) so keep that in mind.

Very comfortable slim fit and loving the hairy/lighter denim as an alternative to my IH-888 21oz. The jeans are really nice in a simple way. No fancy details/back pocket brand stitching, just nice denim in a nice cut. I'm looking at a 714/711 next. Waist stretches very quickly (within hours) with wear but everything else stays about the same. I decided to size up from my usual 32 (IH-888) to 34 after looking through all of b_F's fit pics and also decided on the inseam length after all the washing/drying data from him too so big shout out to him for that! 


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Where do I find the most reliable measurement charts for Resolute? 

And how much additional shrinkage should I expect? 

(I feel like sufu 10 years ago asking for sizing) 


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On 6/11/2023 at 10:45 AM, edwardlj said:

BEARS has not shipped 714 yet, after an order placed 4 days ago.. probably there is a shortage?

finally, i found their ig and contacted them and they said i ordered on Japanese site which cannot be shipped overseas. therefore i should re-make an order on international site. :laugh2:

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