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RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!


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The news has broken out...

Mr. Hayashi-san founder and ex-owner of denime has started a new brand called RESOLUTE.


for pictures


THis is my Girlfriend's (she's jap) translation summary of this article... released in japan...

denime was becoming very stricting for hayashi-san

he couldnt make what he wanted with denime

he didnt want to make jeans for fashion

he has spirit of workman and made weekly trips to his factories...

He really cares about the denim, and the new denim is hairy in a different way in comparison to all the other brands out there.

he wanted to make 'things'' that would cost the same no matter how long the time passes

he is tryin to make 100 mil yen selling in 3 years.

And most importantly!! he is using his old dyeing method!! we are gonna see some wick fades similar to the old denimes very soon!

the new jeans will be priced at 22,000yen.

very reasonable!

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great news! that evo picture looks pretty f*n amazing; i wonder how long they were worn; does it mention that anywhere in the article?

I wish he used leather patches though, my denime kyoto's also have the paper patch and I detest them

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Excuse me, :)

I'm not Aho....

haha you beat me to the post this time! ;) As far as what was shown in the gallery, I just gathered that there are at least 4 models, the main model being the 710....No info on washes though for that last pic...I'll try to add my own translations etc. in a few hours, off to work but great news indeed!

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YO! the ruler is back bitches! i was planning a trip to NY soon, and i promised myself a pair of jeans from BiG, but now i refuse to buy any denim until i get a pair of these. he's got the workman's spirit, which makes me even sadder that he won't be judging this contest. good to see the master happy. this has nothing to do with denim, but youtube has a great hour-long show with mos def touring japan. just type in

'mos def in japan: embedded.' it's by current tv. i love how he straight up states how far behind japan america is in everything. ''america doesn't even make good jeans anymore.'' you couldn't slap the grin off of my face after that one!

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I read somewhere on sufu that Hayashi-san sold Denime so he could retire and enjoy life. Building a new company from scratch at the age of 60 is the way he enjoys his life, I guess.

But I am really anticipating the release of these jeans. I love 66xx but lacking hidden rivets kills it for me (authenticity aside). So I hope the 66 cut will have hidden rivets this time round.

And aho, a Resolute contest perhaps?

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i love how he straight up states how far behind japan america is in everything. ''america doesn't even make good jeans anymore.'' you couldn't slap the grin off of my face after that one!


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Just got back and was going to add my own 2 cents on the translation but your girlfriend pretty much hit all the main points of the article dawei!

If Hayashi-san wants to make 100 million yen in 3 years, I say let's help him...already trying to get in contact with the right people to see what we can do in regards to a contest (that evil word!), but I have a feeling there won't be many who would be opposed to this...

Long live Denime!...errr Resolute! ;)

btw, another link: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/delbombers_co/50626780.html

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wow, a resolute contest would be the perfect way to kick off this new label, just as the t5 contest was the perfect way to send denime off with a bang. i hope it's a 2-year contest ;)i plan to have a lil extra $$$ soon, so of course i'm in. as for the timing conflicting with the t5 contest it takes a while to get a contest off the ground, so if there is to be a resolute contest i'm still wearing the denimes till the end of the 2 years, and then moving on to the resolutes. i wonder if blue in green would be interested in stocking this label, and sponsoring a contest. let me shoot gordon an e-holla....

update: i called gordon but the japanese dude wasn't letting me talk to him since he was busy. so i sent a e-mail asking about whether he plans to stock the brand, and about his potential interest in a contest. so at least he knows what's in the air...

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jiro shirasu looks cool as fuck in that avatar pic. i used to use it myself. if anyone will stock resolute in the near future, it would be gordon. something tells me he won't be selling any of the new-batch denimes after the gold-label ones he has now are all gone. so resolute would be the perfect label to replace denime with on his roster...but these are all salaams assumptions, which don't mean shit. let's just hope for the best.

i don't mind the paper patch or the lack of hidden rivets if it's actually historically correct. i don't really miss the rivets in the back-pockets. if i were getting a 50s or earlier based cut, such as the xx type denimes, i would demand leather patches, and hidden rivets, since that's more ''real repro''. i can't fault the man for making period correct, non-flashy, fashion-be-damned jeans for a decent price considering the quality of the jeans and passion of the man himself.

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yeah I can live without hidden rivets but I'd prefer a leather patch. but on the other hand I've never seen a nicely aged paper tag. is there an example of it?

Nope, cuz they don't exist.

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Denime always show us fantastic fading before.

the only one dissatisfaction is that

stitches break so easily than others.

some japanese blogger said that's one of the thing that feel like vintage.

but I'd be happy if the stitch more improved stronger.

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