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Evisu is still loved!


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@gnomes - did you ever give these a whirl? i'm curious as to what the back rise measured out to be post wash. like you, the front rise is about 1/4" to 1/2" lower than desired, but workable as long as the back rise measures up.



Gnomes, I would love to know what these measure after a warm wash or even a hot soak with agitation.. I'm guessing the inseam has another inch to go but it could be slightly more!

Ok, finally put them through a warm wash cycle.

W: 32

Fr:  11 (might have screwed up earlier with 10.75)

Br: 14


Lo: 8

Ins: 32

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Do you happen to have any before and after measurements? If not, how much did they shrink and how did you size from your other jeans? Is this the same no.1 14.5 oz sold on denimio?

few fit pics of my 2000 no.1's and my 1951 chore coat 


unwashed fit 






washed fit , really stiff






gave them another wash to see if there is any more shrinkage left , i suspect there is 


1951 chore jacket 









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no mate forgot to take measurements , ill get some up soon 


my waist is around 30 and i went with a 31 in these and couldnt be happier 

( i wear a 29 in fullcount 1108 , 28 in warehouse 660 and 1001sxx )


EDIT  measused the jeans ( this is after wearing them for a few hours )


waist 30.5

inseam 31.25

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