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Iron Heart Jeans

Guest Guy H

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Fuck it I can't figure it out. I need the goddamn buttons. Here's links.


They're looking great.

I love this natural authentic denim evolution at most.

Rock them the hardcore way for ever

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Press the little picture of the tree in the reply box and paste there

It doesn't exist in the reply or More Reply Options boxes. There are zero formatting buttons, which is what's causing the problem.

At any rate, I just ordered a pair of busters in the correct size. I allllllmost pulled the trigger on the 634s, though.

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Just got my hands on a brand new SH20. I was curious to do a comparison with my beloved 72, here's a short review:

1.) Fit: The Sh 20 has a much longer body. As it is unwashed and the 72 has been heavily washed it might shrink a bit more, making it perfect. At the moment it's a tad long for my liking. The Arms on the 72 are also longer, which I like.

2.) Fabric: The SH 20 has a brighter red, seems to have been brushed more (the checks look like stripes on the inside) and feels a tiny bit heavier than the 72. Also softer, I attribute that to the brushing and the fact that the 72 has been worn and washed a lot. The 20s checks are also a bit broader than on the 72.

3.) Details: The old snaps feel different, hard to describe, but certainly a nice variation from the well known permex snaps. The chest pockets are more square-shaped.

All in all it's great to have that classic in my hands and I wouldn't have thought there's so much variation / difference.








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Got a new pair of busters for play and a pair of the indigo/indigo 634 for work that are arriving tomorrow.

Busters in the proper size are awesome.

Still can't post pics.

/worthless post


lol its not that hard


get the URL of the image itself ( not the page its hosted on)


in safari i think you can get it by long clicking a picture, but you can get it from imgur app too


it should be like


Then add



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Nicely explained, thanks!

Here are the day 1 new Beatle Busters (34x32.5 hem) compared to the day1 unhemmed 32 I had and sold due to the thighs never stretching enough. I guess the measurements have changed some over time. At any rate, I'm loving them.

Edit: better pics





Im really looking forward to the 634 indigos because I'm gonna beat the hell out of them.

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Very nice fit on the busters! Mine was too tight as I put on too much weight..

Thanks, changed the pics to better ones.

Here's the 634SII. Bought from a dude who they didn't work out for and he had them hemmed. Tag size 33 and I guess after his soak the inseam is 36. Work pants so not sure if I'll bother with hemming or not.

The double indigo is awesome. Super smooth and soft.



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It is raining today and there is not much natural light to work with.

But I had fun none the less.

2016-01-30 - IH666S 424 days






2016-01-30 - IH666SII 206 days (01 soak, 00 hand washes, 03 machine wash)






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Awesome macro shots indeed!!

I never ever made it to work with a macro lens!!

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Bought my IH from Self Edge April 2015.


Currently into my 4-5th month of "wear time", still going strong! Lots of indigo in it!

next to for fade comparison is my APC jeans (currently 2.5yrs + 3 washes)


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Scored my first Iron Heart western, I was convinced that workshirt would always work better for me but I think I might've been wrong.

I've also come to realize that Iron Heart might be my go to shirt brand mainly since they make 'em big enough for me.


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That's what I've found too when it comes to shirting. I'm about 6'3", 225 pounds so most Japanese clothing isn't made for guys my size.

Still haven't really found a pair of IH jeans that fit me well though.

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