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Iron Heart Jeans

Guest Guy H

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Yeah perfect! Shame though, it looks like they made the grey a lot darker. I was hoping for a 20 replacement but the color is significantly different.


Although either way I've realized that iron heart shirts dont fit me well so I guess it doesnt matter how perfect the fabric is....

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I would say the main difference Ive found with my pair of SR's is the top block has a bit more room. I'm pretty sure the leg is much the same as 634s. I'm gonna be bringing both into rotation once the weather gets cooler, so I might notice more differences between the two later.

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Does anyone own a pair of either the 666S or 777S or SE 633S in a size 33 and have them laying around with a bit of wear and stretch?

21 oz fabric only.


:ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r:

   :P  :P



Man i've yet to see someone rock a pair of 777s jeans. If i was going to iron heart that would be my pair id choose. soon my friends, soon.

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Thanks both :D


Might have seen my post in the this or that thread... really looking to achieve these measurements somehow, whether the 666 or 777 has slightly too tight a thigh, I dunno. They may do.. But I really like that 777 patch.


And I only want sanforised ..



Get that 777 and we'll fade off

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Haha it would be good.. but man by the numbers they measure slim. 11.9 thigh and 8.4 knee on a size 33, I literally need another 1/2 inch just to squeeze my legs in.


The 633 'might' work, but what I don't understand is why they made the waist larger per tag than the 634.


Next, the 555 and 666. I've read differing accounts on which is the slimmer. If anything by measurements, the 666 looks a pinch tighter yet I read it was the cut preferred by Giles, suggesting in fit it can't be that tight.


Which leaves the IHxB01.. which oddly appears to have an undersized waist, so sizing up one might work as from the thigh to the hem the figures work out..


Yet the 777 still sounds better, right?


The old Batch of 777s came not out the way they intended, yet they sold super fast. However, I find the thighs on all the 666 models and also on the 777 to be too tight. The 555-03 was pretty ok, even if not great. If you can live with a slightly higher rise and narrower leg, then the 555-01 could work.


Who would have thought, that the once so small IH range would end up in a confusing state?

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i've got the 555. have done nothing other than try them on as they just came in a little while ago. they came out as i expected up top but were a little tighter below the knee and on the calf than anticipated. not a big deal, i can fit into 'em and get 'em off, but they're definitely more skinny below the thigh than slim tapered.


i've heard they run slimmer than the 666.

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