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  1. Just got a pair of the momotaro 0306Vs. Tight tapered fits like a charm. muji parker from sales old united arrows beauty & youth knit sweater momotaro 0306v apc derby
  2. is the CP still available?
  3. Gogeta Vegito Full Power Gohan Future Trunks Gotenks
  4. hey denim heads, anyone have a good tailor to recommend? I need to repair my denim but i have no idea where to go. I'm in New York.
  5. look closer and you might find gold on my face

  6. Bought my IH from Self Edge April 2015. Currently into my 4-5th month of "wear time", still going strong! Lots of indigo in it! next to for fade comparison is my APC jeans (currently 2.5yrs + 3 washes)
  7. I came across Imperial x Self Edge at Self Edge NY store last week. 16Oz, thick weaving. Allowing air to pass through. Link as attached: I think anywhere between 15-18oz should be bearable for hot dry summer.