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  2. not sure if you've bought a pair already. But i recently purchased a pair of momotaro 0306-v and love the tapering on these. They're 15.7 Oz and the denim quality feels amazing. After 15-ish of wear you can notice fades on your back pocket & around the knee crease. I think without going too lightweight, at 15.7 Oz you should be able to get through most summer! (my take is... it's not like this will be the only pair of pants you would own!? you'll have shorts for extremely hot days right?) hope this helps. but since i'm larger around the waistline, I think my next pair would be the high taper instead of the tight taper for a more relaxed taper. Anyways, if you want a nice noticable tapering to pair with dress boots, momotaro's tight tapered cut worked for me!
  3. great car, great style. bravo volvo
  4. Double denim saturday TCB50s jacket white t shirt from uniqlo iron heart 301s
  5. TCB

    Just got my 50s ow jacket from Denimio (exchanged 40 for 42) better fit than the 40 size and very happy with the TCB quality. Slightly tight (close to just right) on the arms & shoulders. And I'm sure this jacket will loosen up after a few wears! For me, buying this jacket through Denimio was an enjoyable shopping experience. They helped me with the return shipping label and responded promptly to my questions
  6. TCB

    i dont mind the length & for the sleeves you can just roll them up!
  7. TCB

    tight on the arms & biceps area right?
  8. QUESTION: Will Chinos stretch around the waist line?
  9. the next question is... does it shrink an inch back after cold wash air dry?
  10. TCB

    man who catch fly with chopstick, accomplish anything.
  11. TCB

    Cap'tn Haddock, i can button myself up but my biceps are squashed and i had a vision that the jacket will fail around my arm pit in 5 days. i can accept anything else, but not arm pit blow outs
  12. TCB

    Thanks man, i'm in the process of getting an exchange!
  13. TCB

    Help guys! Just got my TCB 50s jacket. all the length, sleeve, shoulder checks out. but it's a bit tight on my arms & biceps (true story. bro.) should I size up? Or should I just wear it until it stretches? These are one washed...
  14. Into the badlands, miyagi sensei approves.
  15. interesting thoughts! Because while i was shopping around and reading reviews for a denim jacket, i found the TCB 50s to be more price competitive compared to all of our other beloved japanese denim brands (in regards to denim jackets) while also being a brand that delivers good quality. (plus volvo's wear just blew my mind, this board definitely has it's influences on consumers) The fact that this is my first denim jacket, I've decided to save some of my benjies for other signature raw denim later down the year. Anyone wear or seen Skull jeans these days?