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  1. Atcharut


    Hi, did you size down or stay TTS? Looks great anyway.

    Sorry for bothering. 

    May I please ask you about the sizing of TCB 20s and 50s as I see you have both of them. 

    I know you both 20s and 50s in sz31 right? my true waist is 32". My i please which model is bigger in the same size especially in the waist? I can only purchase online so if you dont mind helping me out of the sizing. Once i had 50s in sz31 but they are tight but recently i tried the 20s in 31 they are fine. 



  3. Atcharut

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Hi there, just want to ask for some brief info. Would I wear the TCB20 in sz32 if my natural waist is 32” or downsize to 31”? I know that because of the fit, 32 would be too loose when they stretch out but if I’d go for sz31, it might be uncomfortable on waistband. Thanks for many help.
  4. Atcharut

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Is that real to pay 1200 Bath of import duty? Once I had a contact with them, I asked if I was going to pay tax along with an order , they said they were going to send me a little gift to avoid Import duty or something. Anyway thxs a lot again for your help @Pedro
  5. Atcharut

    Sugar Cane Denim

    @Pedro @tigerstrom Thanks so much for your useful info :) I cant go to try Lot1947 on as there are no stores in Thailand selling these jeans. So I need to point out at Denimio, at this point I thought I’d go for a 32”, which is TTS. I hope I’d make it.
  6. Atcharut

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Hi there, I am new to SC and looking for a pair of LOT1947 in between 32 or 33". I have natural 32 waist, would the sz32 fit me properly? Thank you for your advises.