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Unknown Japanese Brands


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Good stuff @Broark! Mine arrived earlier today and I threw them in the wash (twice + dryer to get all the shrinkage out up front). Went with the non-craft version so it'll be fun to compare hardware with age. That said, after washing, they did crock a bit more than I expected given that all the pairs on IG are all 10-20+ years old with good/deep color still remaining so careful if you throw them in a machine if you're leery about that kind of thing. Not a ton of color loss, but I think they'll have standard (if not a touch faster) fading speed as most Warehouse or Fullcount fabrics. Overall really like my pair as well from fabric to finishing. Perhaps a bit too clean for WWII as you mention @Broark but I think it's a good balance. They somehow have this vibe of high-ish/mass production like Warehouse, but with a certain CSF small run vibe that's hard to put my finger on, without being so handmade that you can feel the hard work put into it (like Ooe, for example). Probably not making any sense, and of course this is all pointless without pictures. Will try to get some up when I have daylight!

Also big fan of the flasher; The three step recommendation was fun, essentially: 1) First wash water only, 2) Wear for three months (I'm assuming no wash here), 3) tiger mustache/whiskering should be set after three months. I've been going the 'no wash as long as you can handle' route with my current pair of Ooe's (6 months so far with only the initial wash, aiming for at least 12) and figure I'll do the same with this pair to really set in the whiskering, which is tough when you wear jeans as loose as I do. Anyways, really excited about these!

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On 1/27/2023 at 7:23 AM, Broark said:

Here are mine! Keeping them raw for a bit and will wash them later after I wear the FW 37 and LB jeans a bit more.
Overall I'm impressed with the denim and finishing. The stitching isn't particularly wonky as one would expect with a war-era pair, but that doesn't bother me.
Also love the text on the patch / flasher. I went with the craft version (rusted hardware) but chose some that were not super rusty off the bat.

Man I’m tempted!

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