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WAYWT 2020 [denim edition]


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5 hours ago, lefty said:

Volvo called me an OG, and that made me smile. 
I think I’m more of a second gen. Cotton Duck, Switch, and Bandit made it impossible to not take an interest.

So here’s an old school Sufu fit. Anyone who remembers grabbing a red chambray and the MF tees from the Gap knows. 

With Blacksmiths and vans 


How much do you pay for this black Smith's is it the pair under Mike Hodis run?

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3 minutes ago, lefty said:

I think they sold for 375 at the time, and Hodis was still with RS at the time. 

Do you know the first production of black smith cost is $500 for a pair?

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Not mentioning have to save picture from other web storage like photo bucket..before copy the link and post it here..pain in the ass 

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33 minutes ago, mlwdp said:

Never thought I’d see Iron & Resin on here.  They had a nice booth at the Congregation motorcycle show in Charlotte two years ago.

Bought it last year in a small "raw denim" shop in Bremen. Liked the design. Nothing to complain about until now

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7 hours ago, Hopethisoneisnttaken said:

Apart from their waxed trucker jacket I had nothing but disappointment with this brand. 

I just remember them having a nice looking booth for their wears near Dice Magazine’s booth the last time I went in 2018.  Eat Dust was there too I think.  The Congregation Show is like our southern version of the Yokohama motorcycle and car show that’s held every year.  It was neat coming across Japanese photographers for Fly Wheels and UP SWEEP magazine taking pictures at our festival.  Don’t know what became of the photos as I don’t own any copies of those magazines.

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