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Thank you guys! I’m really happy with the trousers, I see myself getting another pair just to break up the standard five pockets. Just need to clear out some more closet space first…
Bought these initially just to wear to a wedding next weekend but I’ll definitely be wearing them for more than dressing up.

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1 minute ago, Hopethisoneisnttaken said:

@Broark thank you. They are listed as a sub label of tenderloin which I understand is related to at last co/timeworn clothing? 

That explains the connection, I tried doing some searches for this brand and didn't come up with much.
If they are Tenderloin, Kei Hemmi is the creative director at Timeworn and he used to be involved in Tenderloin before TWC.
Some additional background here: http://www.traversetokyo.com/journal/k_hemmi.html 

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Finally tracked down a pair of Flying B sneakers (I had been bugging them for months about the restock), impressed with them! Might get the khaki color as well.
I really like the leather trim along the back and eyelets.

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