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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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On 12/3/2021 at 10:40 AM, beepy said:

Not mine, but I’ve only seen like 2 for sale and this seems like a pretty good price


Unfortunately too good to be true. Seller hasn't responded since I made the purchase last week, so prolly a scammer. Be careful he still has a 3A-5 listed for sale. 

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On 11/29/2021 at 1:51 PM, lehadrakon said:


  • P30A-DS in Alpha Green, size S, full pack 9.5/10 - 1200$


  • P30A-DS in Alpha Green, size S OR P30A-E in Black, size S FOR YOUR P30A-E in Black, size M.

bump, pls help my big ass

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regret your P24A-E in medium? i'll take it

just remembered you have a J68-S in black medium, and not sure why you're still hanging on to it?? i'll take it too

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On 12/1/2021 at 3:12 PM, BlueBook said:


J98-SS Black Small

P24A-E M


J74-PX M, White or Black

J28-WS Small

J84-S Raf small

J16-GT 2021 Black Small

or dm me with trade offers

Updated, J98 added 

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If anybody bought an S27, size M, and finds it too tight or just doesn't want it, I'm happy to take one or two. :) 


Still selling:

P31A-DS, RAF Green, Size small, 9/10 full pack - $700 $680

FIS7, Size small, 9.5/10 -  $320 $300

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Lookin for (aka pants hunting)

P38-GT, black, medium
P41-DS, black, medium
P24A-E, black, medium
P34-E, black, medium
P34-DS, alpha green, medium

NG4PS, black/silver or black/gold

I can offer also as trade +- cash the J77-AM (medium, black, 10/10), J65-AJ (medium, grey, 9/10), S24-DS (small, black, 10/10) if you are interested! Shipping within Europe would be ideal, but is not a must.

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  • SS-J8 Medium RAF $900 (no spec or bag)
  • T6 XL (yellow) 8/10 $200
  • P15-CH Medium Night $1000 (no spec or bag)
  • P10-S Medium SS16 Black 9/10 $1100  
  • 3A-6TS Cordura $1800
  • 3A9TS (Stotz) BNWT $1300'
  • S24-DS (B) Medium BNWT $400


  • P24A-E sz S or M
  • P36-E sz S or M

Prices are all net, add shipping for any location internationally, 

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