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  1. FBT Shaman sz 9 DK. Brown. December 2014 release. Worn once. Comes with box and tags. $580 shipped worldwide.
  2. Can anyone tell me JPY retail on either version of the corps down?
  3. Blue and white varsity jacket looks great. Anyone know the jp retail price?
  4. Kerchief sounds lovely, emixam. Did you try it on?
  5. I have just bought the 527zr 20oz secret denim. Absolutely lovely jeans. Got them from Rodeo Bros on Rakuten and can't recommend them enough, responds fast to emails (in english), and ships out very fast. The jeans are a one-wash model, and fit me good right now - should I expect to see any shrinking when I eventually wash them myself? My recent pair of samurai s710 shrunk quite a bit when I washed them compared to their initial soaks.
  6. can you post some measurements of the rise and the hem please.
  7. Phoned hanon. My scottish isn't the best, but I could just make out that they'll honour the original price. So relieved, thought they were going to cancel the order, resulting in me probably missing out on the 1 large they had. Want the j34 as well so bad.. Firmament prices are jokes.
  8. ordered a j36-gt from hanon before the price jump. now not so sure i'll get it.
  9. you're right I was a bit to quick there, Stotz yes.
  10. any noticeable difference between the old E-J1A from ss08 and the new J1A-S? Except The old being made in Epic cotton and the new in Shoeller, of course.
  11. Size 3 should suite you fine in the 101 also - does for me!
  12. How come? I can see that the hood is fleece, not fur, which is a con, but what else?
  13. do i see a new version of this jacket? need better job... now
  14. thanks boss. ordered.