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  1. RapGameTaylorSwift


    The sizing measurements on the site are identical to the J1A-GT. You're saying it fits smaller?
  2. RapGameTaylorSwift


    Lately, I've been dreaming of a J69-S. It's one of my favorite jackets but because of the tight fit, the GT ends up being super close to your skin and you have to wash it way more often to avoid delam... Basically everything -S.
  3. RapGameTaylorSwift


    SSENSE now carrying Acronym... Seems like quantities are way higher this season and will continue to be moving forward with new stockists and virtually everything still in stock.
  4. RapGameTaylorSwift


    To clarify, I was referring to wearing what you already have, not buying new stuff.
  5. RapGameTaylorSwift


    While I admit I haven't gotten to wear any ACR gear lately, when I do have to go outside, is there anything that feels more appropriate to the current state of affairs than Acronym right now? Unrelated: Does anyone else think the J1L is absolute garbage? All of those features on a long coat just looks out of place to me. Much prefer the J39 / J46 / 53 / 62. Also underwhelmed by the J47, one of my favorite shells ever. Seems like at the very least they could add a shake-dry hood like they have with similar models, but even so, that hood was/is comically small. A J47 with a removable hood would be the perfect shell IMO.
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