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  1. RapGameTaylorSwift


    Lately, I've been dreaming of a J69-S. It's one of my favorite jackets but because of the tight fit, the GT ends up being super close to your skin and you have to wash it way more often to avoid delam... Basically everything -S.
  2. RapGameTaylorSwift


    SSENSE now carrying Acronym... Seems like quantities are way higher this season and will continue to be moving forward with new stockists and virtually everything still in stock.
  3. RapGameTaylorSwift


    To clarify, I was referring to wearing what you already have, not buying new stuff.
  4. RapGameTaylorSwift


    While I admit I haven't gotten to wear any ACR gear lately, when I do have to go outside, is there anything that feels more appropriate to the current state of affairs than Acronym right now? Unrelated: Does anyone else think the J1L is absolute garbage? All of those features on a long coat just looks out of place to me. Much prefer the J39 / J46 / 53 / 62. Also underwhelmed by the J47, one of my favorite shells ever. Seems like at the very least they could add a shake-dry hood like they have with similar models, but even so, that hood was/is comically small. A J47 with a removable hood would be the perfect shell IMO.
  5. RapGameTaylorSwift


    Something I forgot to acknowledge re: J58 is that all of the 1.2 “changes” that Errolson mentioned on IG already existed on version 1.1... The only main difference between .1 and .2 is the primaloft gold active.
  6. RapGameTaylorSwift


    Any of the jackets I've bought in the last few years that fit "profile", I've gone a size up and I've been very happy with the results. The 58 works really well because the cinch at the waist still creates a slimmer silhouette.
  7. RapGameTaylorSwift


    Received my J58 V1.2 today. Paid $230 for customs at 4.2% + 15% tariff b/c Made in China. Quality seems the same if not better, especially around the piping of the elastic. The way the collar sits is also different. It's more straight across while the 1.0 was more rounded. Warmth and feel of the jacket feel nearly identical to 1.0. A quick walk around the block in around 25° F NYC weather and I was quite warm with a long sleeve underneath. I weighed old v. new and the Primaloft version is about 20g heavier overall (though, the new one is a large v. the old one is a medium). The extra padding in the pockets are wonderful (v. cozy) and the bilateral pockets are a huge plus. Elastic feels about the same to me in terms of tightness. Aesthetically, the biggest difference I noticed was the height of the collar (1.2 on the left). The snaps on the wrists have also been reversed so there are two sockets and one stud, instead of vice versa. I still feel like this jacket is better worn on its own. Underneath a shell, it always felt quite tight with anything more than a tee.
  8. RapGameTaylorSwift


    Just bought a J58 to replace my V1 (too small). I'm a little skeptical that primaloft gold active will be as warm as climashield, but happy the price didn't increase from the last release. Anyone have any experience with primaloft gold active? If the weight is a factor, hopefully warmth will be on par as V1.2 is actually 30 grams heavier (534 v. 504).
  9. RapGameTaylorSwift


    Tried on the new SD fabric on the J44 today and I was really impressed. Fabric is much heavier than standard stotz and has a great drape. The J44 isn't my favorite silhouette, but I'm really excited to see what they do with it in future seasons.
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