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What are your jeans doing today?


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Not an adventure like double o, but I forgot to take of my glasses while diving in the sea like a real Neptune . When I put my head out of the water I saw misty and realized it. Glasses gone. I tried to look for them for a while. I gave in and took my loss(Moscot) I went town to find some replacement, bought two pair of reading glasses at the drugstore. Pretty difficult to find a pair without being able to read the signs.

went back to mrs smooth sailor and little sailor.

I decided to have another look at the shore line. And there it was, the tide brought back.

the sea is amazing 

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Making a remoulade

Chopped some pickles and capers and put them in a cloth


Squeezed the juice out


..added, dijon, curry powder, flat leaf parsley, half a chopped shallot (save half for later) a good dollop of mayonnaise and a pot of Greek yogurt


..give it a stir


..cooked some franks


...linned the buns with lots of thinly sliced gherkins, a good dollop of the remoulade and a sprinkling of the left over chopped shallot, topped off with fried onions from the Polish deli


..It's a Copenhagen street food classic!

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We dropped down to Zell am See, about 85km / 1h 30m train journey south of Salzburg. It's a stunning place. Been swimming in and running round Lake Zell

20220811 Zell am See 0a.jpg

Took a cable car ride part way to about 1.2km en route to mount Schittenhohe which is about 1.9km

20220811 Zell am See 1.jpg

Then walked up to the top with a stop for lunch on the way (actually a little short of it as we had to get back for the last car down). Going to do some more exploring on the peaks later this week

20220811 Zell am See 2.jpg

20220811 Zell am See 3.jpg

20220811 Zell am See 3B.jpg

Salomon ftw!

20220811 Zell am See 4.jpg

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Many great slices of life on the last couple of pages—always really glad to see that this thread has been active.

For my main vacation this summer, I flew up to Portland, OR, to meet up with one of my best buddies (seen previously in updates from trips to UT and CO). From there, we took his truck up to Alberta for a couple of weeks to wander around the backcountry and see what there was to see. No jeans, this time around, but hopefully a pair of Bubo shorts and three trusty Bubo shirts should suffice to meet the thread’s criteria.

A day of driving got us through Washington and the Idaho Panhandle to Eastern BC, where we set up camp for the night more or less on the side of the road. They experience was unremarkable, until the next morning, when we managed to shatter the glass on one of the windows to the truck’s topper. It being grizzly country, a [somewhat] reliable temporary fix was needed. The previous night, we had passed a hardware store a few miles back in a nice little town called Invermere, and they ended up being extremely friendly & helpful. They were happy to cut a piece of already-primed scrap plywood to shape, and with that, a roll of duct tape, and two adjustable-length shower rods repurposed as tension beams, we were on our way.


The first real stop on the trip was just a couple hours north, around the top of Banff Park, for a relatively short warm-up hike out and back from Mosquito Creek Trailhead (aptly named) up over Molar Pass to Molar Lake. Our timing was poor, and it rained for most of both days. Higher up, both times we traversed the pass, it hailed pretty heavy. The whole thing was miserable, and the lighting was gorgeous.






The valley where we set up camp was nice, but wet. A month earlier it would have been mostly under water, I’m guessing. Tried drying out some clothes during bits of clear skies, but didn’t make much progress.






Went for a jaunt up a lovely creek, on the way back, and got a nice view from the next pass.



Then a day off in town drying gear and eating hot meals, and onward to the main attraction…

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On my daily walk to the Novy Bazar (New Bazaar, which is two hundred years old -- in Odessa, Ukraine), for fresh fruits and vegetables. Air defense alarm blaring sometimes.



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Odessa is a city of cats, they are loved and well fed. Cats are well aware of this, and they feel fine. Two celebrities at the bazaar, Marusya and Syoma (with nectarines). 





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No fancy holidays for me.

The Duchess’s pal has had a little manicure business for a few years and she’s doing ok, so she took up a larger space with the idea of sub-letting areas. Me being ‘available’ was volunteered into being ‘inventive’ with old pallets and scrap wood to give a proposed barbershop space an industrial/rustic look.

So I panelled a wall and made a couple of mirrors to match:



… here’s the jeans - my ZXX - before I throw them in the washing machine



Sorry the details aren’t great - my iPhone isn’t exactly the top spec 

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