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What are your jeans doing today?


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1 hour ago, Dr_Heech said:

^Yes Neal, a modern version of "guess who" would be absolutely massive nowadays in order to accommodate the miryad of possible things that everyone identifies As, plus modern woke peeps would be on your caes for marginalizing spectacle wearers and ginger nuts etc. The world (unfortunately) has become one giant clusterfuck. 

Incidentally, my 15 year old son and l play chess sometimes when we get together. I'm suprised there hasn't been more of an uproar to change the colours in that game so that they are more diverse or inclusive and less racist.



Oh, by the way! There is a long overdue need to replace in chess the king with a second queen, and introduce changes to the rules - pawns move as they please and beat everyone. 

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8 hours ago, Flash said:

What one was it where Freddie turned into a phone and licked the girls chin ? Must be 20 years since I watched any of the Nightmare On Elm Street films 

The one above, the first one.. A Nightmare On Elm Street 1984, Nancy had yoinked her phone out of the wall but it rings, she answers it and Freddy’s tongue pops out and licks her..

My kid was laughing at how the girls run away.. both arms in the air with no actual effort in their escape.. 

We’ve been watching 1980s horror films on Sunday night.. I’ve been checking their suitability on ‘common sense media’ and they’ve all been given the suggested age rating of 13 or 14

When I was a kid, any horror on VHS with anything other than a 18cert just wasn’t going to be worth watching!


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We delved into the 70s with Halloween..

We watched the entire series of ‘Wednesday’ over xmas.. would Wednesday and Edith make friends again?  would Thing survive?.. how was the headmistress implicated in all this nonsense?.. 

Jeez! I haven’t been that engaged in a teen drama since Degrassi Junior High!

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52 minutes ago, Maynard Friedman said:

You should jump into the 70s next with The Exorcist and The Omen, perhaps even go back to the 60s with Carry On Screaming!

I recently enjoyed Mario Bava's "black sabbath" (1963) 

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Cheers @Hopethisoneisnttaken It’s during our Summer months so mainly June - September. Basically, if Wimbledon is on they’re good to go. 

Due to the freakishly hot summer they lasted really well this year. When we went to the pumpkin patch for Halloween we also did some strawberry picking & got a pretty decent haul :)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Before we moved house we had a £12 piece of shit toaster from Argos.. we'd had it for nearly 20yrs.. it was wank, rather than toast the bread, it just dried it out to a crisp but hey.. at least it worked. When we moved house, we binned it and bought a Dualit.. it's been absolutely fkin shite.. the dude who made it should be ashamed of himself, i'm trying to fly the flag for British manufacturing here Paul..pull your bloody finger out!

At least once/week it trips out and i have to remove all the feet.. remove the base, re-set the trip and screw the damn thing back together.. obvs.. the damn trip is too sensitive.. i came up with a more permanent solution.


Machined a finger slot in the base


Ta-Daaaaa! no need to disassemble


..just have to remember to unplug it before sticking our fingers inside.. hopefully making improvemnets won't invalidate my warrenty :D

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Saltburn-on-Sea... I've posted from here before but don't tell anyone eh 

iirc one of OO's favourite North East coast destinations

Nice beach walk in the school holidays...

20230215 Saltburn 1.JPG

20230215 Saltburn 2.JPG

20230215 Saltburn 2b.JPG

20230215 Saltburn 3.JPG

But when I order a fish pie in a northern seaside town, I expect a fish pie... not some deconstructed 'fish-pie' effort... where does thy think thy is lass?

20230215 Saltburn 4.JPG

Nice view tho...

20230215 Saltburn 5.JPG

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Yup.. I like it up there, cost of living/housing is cheap af too, like most British coastal towns it suffers from a lack of decent jobs which aren’t linked to tourism but those folks earning an average salary are living like kings..

When I visit one of my customers, he likes to say to his colleagues.. ‘guess how much he paid for a terrace house in Sheffield.... (erm dunno) go on tell em’ then they all burst out laughing like I’m a complete fool :D

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^ aye... apart from those apartments on the cliff with a sea view which are a tad pricey for the locale (last time I looked anyway)

Regarding pie-gate... still furious... call that a f-in pie... I'm contemplating legal action...


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2 hours ago, MJF9 said:

^ aye... apart from those apartments on the cliff with a sea view which are a tad pricey for the locale (last time I looked anyway)

It’s Guisborough where they live MJ.. (also lovely) I just like to swing by Saltburn for fish n’ chips by the sea whenever I’m up that neck of the woods. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Less picturesque for me.. no wood carving today.. instead, i've been making a GRP mould, it starts with me making some wooden formers in halves.. then i set them up in an external frame and coat them with mould release solution.. when this has dried i coat them with an abrasion resistant gel-coat (this blue stuff) to make a very light but hard wearing mould.



.. while the gel-coat is drying i cut numerous pieces of fibreglass ribbon and fibreglass matting with my swanky new scissors..


..some folks who laminate fibreglass, cut the matting into small squares and build it like a patchwork quilt.. those folks are fkin idiots! you're better off accurately cutting each piece to fit in it's alloted place.

When the gel is just slightly tacky.. it needs coating with a coupling-coat (this grey stuff) which keys the shiny gel into the shiny laminate and stops the whole thing from delaminating itself..


.. while the coupling-coat becomes tacky i mix some resin with some hardener and an accelerator (piperzine) which i stipple onto the fibreglass ribbon.. I then individually apply each piece of ribbon to the tacky coupling coat with the end of a paintbrush.. this takes ages so i'll listen to a few podcasts... Today, the story of Kerry Wendell Thornley, co-founder of Discordianism, aka Omar Khayyam.. def recommended


i might even hoover the laptop one day...

Applying sticky resin infused ribbon to sticky coupling coat with the end of a paintbrush isn't as easy as it sounds but i've done this before so it's as neat as fk without a single air bubble..


I then use the paintbrush to stipple more resin onto the matting.. I do this in order like a clock..


i leave it for a while to soak in which makes the matting more pliable and gives me a time out..for a Time Out :)


.. then i start from the beginning of the clock and apply each piece to it's designated place.. then drop an internal plywood frame onto the matting.. again, i've done this before so there isn't even a wayward resinous fingerprint..


...I'll leave it till after the weekend to fully cure before splitting the mould and removing the formers.. but in honour of Blue Peter and Janet Ellis (who taught me everything i know) here's one i made earlier.. albeit, this was a double cavity


.. i pop those^ plywood half rings out and insert metal wear rings which i make.. then cover the top of the mould with hard wearing Tufnol/Paxolin.. this is just one half, located to the other half with metal (male/female) dowels which i build into the construction..



.. and that was my day at work.., Oh.. and on the way home i saw 4 folks getting out of a van who had a very strong jumper game going on!! then i bought a few cans of Vocation which was on offer from Tesco... :)

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That’s all very impressive but I don’t have a clue what you were talking about or what that thing is for!

Looks far more interesting than my job though…

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When it's finished it'll look like this


..to the right of the photo is the other half of the mould giving you a cavity to cast ceramic into.. the folks who manufacture them, build their parts onto the base and pour ceramic into the hole in the top of the mould, wait for it to set..split the mould and remove the nozzle


..it's a combination of tundish nozzle and sliding-gate-type stationary plate as one item.. basically molten steel is poured through the ceramic and argon fed in for steel treatment.

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I walk the fine line of saying to the Duchess ‘no your bum does not look big in that’ to defending why I bake less (which has nothing to do with butt size obviously) so anyways I made Tarta de Queso (Burnt Cheescake)


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