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Eternal Jeans

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On 10/14/2017 at 12:45 PM, Maynard Friedman said:

They should shrink about half an inch and end up at a perfect 32" inseam

Sorry to bring up a post from last century; there hasn’t been much activity here. 

Does this advice still ring true for one-wash eternal? I can reasonably expect a half-inch of shrink in length with a wash?

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I think so, in the same way that there’s usually residual shrinkage in most one-wash denim. The last Eternal item I bought was a one-wash Type 2 about 6-7 years ago and that shrank further with another (albeit 60°C) wash.

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Just got a pair of 811 jeans that were extremely soft denim. The last pair I bought were a few years again and I remember them being more rough/thick than soft and thin. On the tag it says “comfortable” which is confusing to me. Did eternal 811 come out with a softer version of their denim? I prefer the rougher/thicker texture.

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@noobedloser I don't think the fabric is any softer. I have a pair of 811s that are labeled "comfortable" and the fabric feels the same as several pairs I have handled over the years, going all the way back to the BiG 811 contest pair. Those were raw, vs these being one washed... maybe that's why they seem softer.

But the fabric feels the same in thickness and I feel it matches the described weight.

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been awhile since i've posted on this board. upping this thread as i'm working on a pair of one wash 811's! Pics to follow...

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      Up for sale is my S510XX 19oz in size 33. It comes with the old back pocket style. For repairs and overall condition please refer to pictures below .
      Asking for 75€ + shipping
      Waist: 88cm = 34,6inch
      Inseam: 92cm = 36,2inch
      Back rise: 38cm = 14,9inch
      Front rise: 27,5cm = 10,8inch
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      These are an absolutely amazing pair of jeans from Japan in the "One Wash" model.


      I bought these off of Tate and Yoko during their sale and got them hemmed to 30.5 inches.


      Unfortunately they don't fit me and I can't return them after they've been hemmed. I've only worn them for an hour around the house and they are too small. Probably will not stretch enough for me to use them.


      Comes with tags and everything. Get them for a steal. They retail for $275 US! And even Denimio charges $178 for them.


      Listed price includes shipping in North America. Contact me if you want a quote for elsewhere.



      Waist: 29.75 inches

      Front rise: 10.25 inches

      Back rise: 14.25 inches

      Thigh: 11 inches

      Leg opening: 7.75 inches

      Inseam: 30.5 inches




    • By cw
      never worn. these are slightly small on me now so i'm letting them go. open to trade offers for denim of similar quality and craft. $160, shipped in the U.S. only. 
      waist: 18â€
      front rise: 11.5â€
      back rise: 16â€
      thigh: 12.5â€
      knee: 9.25â€
      opening: 8.75â€
      inseam: 34â€
      Using spended weft dyes from Kurashiki Kojima in Okayama Prefecture, we present Eternal's long awaited jeans. This is a 14.5oz Eternal standard model that uses original denim. Traditional looms are used to weave the cotton threads together, the cloth woven with soft tension produces a special roughness and bumpy texture. You can enjoy the three dimentional fade from the bumpy texture as you wear them. The cut is Eternal's original straight legs which has a slightly tight impression. The cloth is dyed dark so that at one glance it appears to be black, once the denims are worn to a long time they begin to fade into its true color scheme.
      soaked a couple times. never washed or dried in a machine. these are slightly small on me now so i'm letting them go. open to trade offers for denim of similar quality and craft. $140, shipped in the U.S. only.
      info below...
      waist: 17.75â€
      front rise: 11.5â€
      back rise: 15.75â€
      thigh: 12.75â€
      knee: 9.5â€
      opening: 8.6â€
      inseam: 32.5â€
      This material is Samurai Jean's toughest yet. Introducing Samurai Jeans S0500XX 15 oz Otokogi Straight.To make these, only American Texas Cotton was used which is known for its roughness and gives the thread rough bumpiness. The thread is twisted tightly which makes the material twice as hard. The thread was woven together at a thread count of 6 by 6. The limited deepness coloring used to dye the outsde of the fibers pure indigo without penetrating the core so fading will occure easily with wear. Unlike the other models, this pair was woven together with strong tension and to date has driven in the most tension around the waist.When you try on these denims, the strength around the waist will increase. Weighing on 15.6 oz, these tough denims are made for Samurai original denim die-hard fans. The Selvedge portion is called 「刀耳〠Seven Ears. These denims are easy to wear and around the hip and waist are balanced without being too tight above the thigh then are tapered towards the hem. This sillhouette is narrower than the S0510XX・S3000VX and a bit wider than the S5000VX・S0110XJ.




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