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Chore coats


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Wonder if anyone will be brave enough to do that to the Ooe jacket?

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I have the indigo Belleville and the fit is kind of strange. I have the 44 and I could probably wear a 42, the sleeves feel really billowy. I have it up for sale and haven’t really gotten any bites. Maybe I’ll get it tailored.

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Mister Freedom sizing varies widely. The Belleville runs big. Mine is a 40, yet my MF shirts are XXL, albeit slightly large. 42 in the Mac (which I have) and Mattock (which I don’t).  Belleville does look different from Ooe, but similar layout and weight. 

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MJF9, I have a 30s/40s Super Dux by Hamilton Carhartt. I'd definitely take less than that London shop wants...








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Thanks Duke. The duck cloth on it is so nice.

MJF9, glad your set. It's something I'll sell eventually. Along with lots of other stuff. Just need to find time to do the selling...


Ad from 30's




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25 minutes ago, Broark said:

Let's see some photos Bartles. :ph34r:


40 minutes ago, MJF9 said:

@bartlebyyphonics how is yours coming along?

will oblige soon enough, but it has become, in my closet, the official partner of the tcb 20s which has been off duty for a while, so nothing really to show irl imo iirc...

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On 9/2/2020 at 6:10 PM, MJF9 said:


@bartlebyyphonics how is yours coming along?


On 9/2/2020 at 6:25 PM, Broark said:

Let's see some photos Bartles. :ph34r:

here ya go...

nothing much fade wise, certainly nothing compared to their IG example... it does respond well to a good old wash though...







imo a really well considered piece; smokes most of my other chores in terms of fabric, stitching and pattern / shape - it is a very nuanced garment that is incredibly easy to wear (as both functional and comfortable) ...

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@bartlebyyphonics thanks for the pics... loving the blue washed colour and (what looks like) the inside pocket fading on the right chest. 

Was tempted but have resisted thus far on the usual grounds and the extended house time these days raises the question of why... 

The new size charts show generous measurements still... presumably the same pattern... iirc yours is a smaller tag size than you'd normally wear - is it a 40?  I can't see the weight of the denim online - do you know what it is?  Just curiosity, of course...

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@MJF9 - keep up the resistance...

no paperwork on this, but I reckon in the realm of 10 oz - not heavy...

mine is a 38 ... I had a choice between that and something like a 44 which was immense in terms of arm length etc. 

in lvc I wear 44 jackets no prob, a 4 in orslow jackets, an xl in post overalls (so around 3 tag size smaller than usual! my issue is generally shoulder width, so the raglan construction is what makes it possible [along with extreme arm length and general generous p-2-p width]: note, it is quite short, esp. at the back... a 40 in this model would have been perfect, but perfection is a fleeting thing, best found in embracing what is charming within imperfection)

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I have already posted this on N&F blog but why not posted on the blog dedicated to chore coats. Below are two of my denim chore coats Lee Loco 101 11oz I think, Lee has slightly slimmer arms, N&F has way more room in the arm.

and N&F 9oz purchased from online website Jean store.co.uk.

I have worn the Lee jacket a few times but naked and famous is still new below are some pic. 

Just to help others out both jackets are M size and i usually weigh 160 pounds but here i have lost around 10 pounds hence why both jackets look slightly big. I also considered small but i feel like small will fit great only when i lose weight other than that when i put on a few pound from the gym it will be too tight. I'm a medium in all my other jackets every time i sized down i paid the price.


















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Bumping the thread as Jelado is issuing a chore coat/coverall.




A few more current options:





fh-cv-58w-02.jpg fh-cv-58w-03.jpg


Sugar Cane










Cathartt Chore Coat




Cat Day Coverall



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48 minutes ago, Hopethisoneisnttaken said:

Wow, that 40s orslow one looks cool. Is it available yet? 

Yes, you can find it in many shops.
In this thread, ten years ago or so ;-), somebody wrote about it.

Chore coats or coveralls are really a classic item and have somehow not gotten so much attention it seem to me.

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