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Chore coats


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There doesnt seem to be much interest here for these kinds of jackets, which is weird considering how much repros their are from brands such as post overalls, warehouse and sugarcane, and how popular they seem to be in vintage circles in Japan (see Free& Easy for proof...). So, I deciced to make a new thread, since this isnt really what most think of as "denim jackets".

Im a big fan personally, since the model itself is so easy to wear, simple and utilitarian. A part of the appeal is the near lack of any "design" element, just a straight jacket with four pockets, but the devil is all in the details as you know.

I hope to get some discussion around these model of coats, and as a starter, I present my "collection" (sorry for the shitty pics), to give people a taste of how they can differ in the details.

Cotton and Cheep got some coats that I know of, but it would be great to see other members stuff aswell.

Blue Bell


really nice dark denim


Big Ben by Wrangler


grainy fade


Montgomery Ward



APC, black raw denim, and cotton blanket lined



Polo Ralph Lauren, herringbone denim



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i like you collection, bobo! good idea to start a thread about these jackets. personally i wouldn't wear one, i don't think i could pull it off.

they do seem to be popular in japan, and i've seen some very nice chore coats by Eternal when i was in Nara... never really paid any attention to it afterwards, but i'm curious what the rest of the boards thinks...

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Here is mine carhartt chore coat, nothing spectacular but just that's what i wear for past 2 winter, same as the bobo one but just different color.



looks like you havent wash you brown one yet, here is my other cartartt brown coat i worn for past 6 winter, wash once.



by the way, i really like that montgomery ward one, but why are there two button opening on the top?? Believes that someone waxed their Pointer chore coat too, but dont know how that ones goes....

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^^nice, almost honeycombs. I have yet to wash it yes...

I wonder the same about the Montgomery ward coat.. maybe its for two different buttoning styles, or a manufacturing error?

It was Familyman that waxed that Pointer coat... really cool project. Im curious about pointer brand in general, for instance their hickory stripe chore coats.

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Great thread Bobo. Love the chore coat. Huge fan of Warehouse Co. coats, they have sooo many. Warehouse, Double Works, Duck Digger and Blue & Gray. Lots of crazy washes and raw.









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nice collection Bobo been trying to find one I actually liked enough to buy and settled on Post O'alls tried to hunt some down of rakuten sites like these nice and simple





and Imperial Post this ones a bit dressier


I contacted them the other day and they told me that Garbstore and Oi Polloi are soon to be stockists hopefully signals a wider availability

looking for a nice Headlight jacket too


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thanks for the positive feedback guys!

Post Overalls looks all sorts of amazing to me, both jackets, vests, shirts and pants, very tasteful and on point... I hope the prices wont be to crazy if they get to europe.

That Imperial Post Overalls jacket seems to be cut in the same way as older hunting vests... interesting.

The warehouse coats are intese aswell, a bit different. I really like the look of those in cotton duck i´ve seen online..

Msspark, I got the coat used on ebay, and it seems to have some age, but the buttons and everything are the same as today, so it cant be older than say 80s or so I think.

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I really dig them. I have the same problem of length with regular style jean jackets, so chore jackets are a good alternative for me. I picked up a vintage lined one from ebay recently which I plan to start wearing once it cools down a bit.

I really like some of Sugar Cane's, like this one for example.


Sadly, I think it's an old model as I've never actually been able to find it in stock(SC makes some other nice ones too, but I love the shape of the pockets on that one).

But now after picking up a denim one what I've looking for is a lighter cotton one, something like this EG one I missed out on.


Some of the Japanese brands have some really nice ones, but I've found the sleeves are sometimes too short for me on them. I wish more American brands still made them, as I think I'd find the sizing better for myself.

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Came across an interesting site recentley Workers

It has several sections with info on makes and makers of work wear like Carharrt, Crown, Lee, Payday, Montgomery Ward etc theres even Boots, Coveralls and Shirts



It is cover all of Mongomery word corporation [pawahausuburando]. The word corporation for the first time appearing the power house brand, 1929. (Trade mark register statement) The brand which ever since that, is used in the work wear and the casual wear starts is the power house.   In the raglan sleeve, the cuff is seen in only relatively old cover all, the design where the reverse appears in the chart. The silhouette the [me], the arm to be thick is the boorish silhouette thickly in the whole.  

definitley worth a browse around

The chap who's site it is also makes Chore Jackets and shirts but entireley to order

here is the most recent one which he just finished taking orders for a few days ago



I emailed to get more info but through the translation it is a little difficult to get an exact reply but it seems it is a very small operation maybe even one man and items are available to order for a few weeks and then those orders are produced over the next few weeks

the next set are some shirts and I'm very seriously considering it

prices wont break the bank either

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