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  1. Amado Maita-Amado Maita M
  2. You could spend that amount on far better shoes. M
  3. Handmade English brogues. 40 bucks.
  4. Blows them young chicks out the water.
  5. Fit as fuck. M
  6. Its funny how when someone gets called out for some shitty piece, they're always looking for some alternative or the victim of some happenstance. M
  7. Antonia Thomas is cute as a muthafucka. That cute and sexy girl next door you wanna make wifey and get knocked up. M
  8. Nicki Minaj is annoying as fuck but that ass is bananas.... M
  9. Preeety girl but I like the Brazilians with the fat asses. M
  10. Mundanity???? M
  11. What model those nikes? Im too fucking lazy right now to search. Thx in advance. M
  12. True. Its kinda heavy....more for fall, I reckon.
  13. Yesssssss!!! M
  14. Theyve been seling those on some hypebeaty site since last year. And I think they are 60 bux. Theyve been blogged to def as well. M
  15. The show isnt shocking the world but it seems to be getting a little interesting. M