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Chore coats


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I have been trying to find one at the local thrift stores, it seems like good Denim... only fat guys seem to be donating.

Bobo, as a result of your posts both here and Styleforum i've been into Tractor Supply 4 times hoping for restocks of wrangler carhartt dickies.

I need to head over to Cabelas and see what they've got.

anyways, great collection.

Do Chambray chore-coats exist? I've seen a handful of super-thick sherpa lined chambray looking chore-coats. But do any unlined ones geared more towards warmer weather exist?

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Very slim-fitting, vintage Carter's. 2x1, grey weft right hand twill denim, just like many old workwear were. A dealer said these were 30's and made in New Hampshire (NH on button) or in New England at least. I'm not an expert.







Union made label in wearer's right pocket. Design dates the garment between 1934-1949.



Warp knot.


Kinky fill.


These were bought in near deadstock condition. I wear it without regard. I particularly love the fabric "defects" throughout the garment. It harkens back to a time when looms were chattery and yarn spinning frames were imperfect. Fabrics were expected to have a degree of inconsistent character. Modern garments lack this character.

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chore coats look great but they are definitely one of the harder denim pieces to pull off without looking hokey...i feel like the longer cut can also be off-putting. not an everyday piece but if you can pull it off (like bobo) then it looks good for sure

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Hi Tweeds. Thanks for the compliment. Got it at the Rose Bowl. It's not that rare. From the 70's. Here's the shocker.

It was made for juniors. But by the power of my propaganda I declare this a unisex jacket.

^ very nice! sportscoats in lighter fabrics apart from the usual wool really gives the jacket a different character. how old would that piece have been, and where'd you get it? :)
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some (other) relevant scans from F+E (forgot I had them til I saw superbobo's comment above):


Weird, that's my buddy Josh there. Can anyone translate?


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Supposingly i order the coat in august, but everytime when i call they said they dont have my size, after few unsucessful attempts in september and octoberso, i give up in november. The lady that works there call me last week and I order the pointer hickory stripe on thursday and got it on saturday, extremly pleased with the service. she also gives me the coupon code to use online as well. The fabric is prety stiff, but i think it will soften up alot after few days,





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Damn, that's a good fit, I wonder if their sizing is consistent cause that duck coat is something I'd pick up. Mind if I ask what size and for some of the measurements?

i am 5'7 and 133 lbs

i order xs

here is the measurement from pointer

shoulder 18''

armpit to armpit 23.75"

centerback 28.75"

sleeves 24.5""

but when i measure it

the should is 18"

armpit to armpit ( with button closed" 18.5"

centerback 26.5"

sleeves 24.5"

if you go to the japanese website, it provided a much better measurement

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If you dont mind me asking, what is the coupon code? Its a nice looking jacket and the price is damn good but not good enough for a spur of the moment (unless...)

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