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Chore coats


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Up early with nothin' going on, so I flipped on the TV and spotted Larry wearing a pretty sweet chore coat.......... he was actually doing chores : )

Bonus shot of my pointer...I'm a med. and ordered a small..fits great.


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^^ That Big Mac is rad, really like the chest pockets, must spread.

^shit dude nice coat, if you ever decide you no longer want that coat drop me a line, or you'd prefer an unlined chore coat of somekind we could make a deal I'm sure. The blanket lining looks like it could punch a Nebraska winter square in the jaw. srsly, I dig the heck out of it, again must spread.

Also, after seeing yours I think I may have sold a jacket I didn't know was Wrangler Blue Bell on my etsy shop .






The zipper lead me to believe this was too late to be Wrangler Blue Bell :(

live and learn i guess

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thanks for your input guys

here you go robbie




Ah hah, thanks for posting these close up details. I now know what my coat is. Mine has no labels but I knew it was similar to that first picture you posted and then the detail shot of the button front/back confirmed it, I have a Wrangler Blue Bell. :)

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The duck version of that Carhartt was nice but to be honest that denim one was not as good in person. I can't put my finger on why, just felt 'off' to me.

The fabric of both the duck and the denim carhartt "heritage" coats was really weak unfortunatly. The duck is thin and flimsy compared to the reg US line duck, I dont understand why they didnt use that fabric. Great design though.

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Nice lookin jacket. I am not too into blanket lined jackets or corduroy collars. I think if I did real manual labor in the cold, those things would be important though.

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Pointer is selling Duck Chore coats again. Use "DUCK" and get 10% off.

Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I'm about to grab one but I can't find any info on sizing? Anyone have any help? I was thinking to with a Small since I'm assuming these are cut for working and thus a little looser.

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