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  1. Pure Blue Japan

    HEY GUYS: I want to buy a PBJ XX-012 Contest pair (or normal) with preferably less than a month of wear, size 32 with minimum 31'' length. Will give good price. PM me
  2. 1st World Problems

    Yeah my rolex stops ticking every 20-30 minutes then again i did buy it in bangkok for $20
  3. Show us your leather

    Who knows of the most dumbed down plain simple bill fold around? Looking for something slightly more complicated than two flaps of leather stitched together (because I have one of those and keep dropping bills out) Edit: nvmd just picked up a tanner goods bitty
  4. Djrajio Dating Thread/Advice Column

    I've been in your position, but opposite as the older one. Shes had ten more years in this world than you, which is nearly 50% longer. Its probably fun but not serious for her. Your lack of life experience and differing focus in what you want out of life will eventually get old for her and you. Expect it... but enjoy the secks while you can
  5. Korny Azn Gurlz

  6. Warehouse

    For sale or trade 31x36 dubble works http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/139147-fs-yuketen-dirty-bucks-85-and-bnwt-warehouse-660-31x36/ Looking for similar model, like new condition, 32 or 33 waist, 31L minimum or ca$h money sale BAY AREA
  7. believe it or dont, these are still in my closet looking for an owner. would settle for a trade of similar model waist 32 or 33. Price drop to $200 shipped, or trade ("new ish" condition acceptable)
  8. buy my shit yo driving cross country i can do delivery
  9. lets get an offer on these 660's traveling to bay area next week willing to meet locally
  10. yuks are probably sold, check back tuesday.