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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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Hey everyone!


These are a pair of Levis 501XX worn by my friend Elijah for a little over six years.


I'm not sure what exactly he did in them, but they're pretty beaten up. Torn in the crotch, on the thigh, all over the back... but gosh they are nice looking.


Unfortunately I didn't think to take any photos before or during the repairs, but I'll make sure to do that with all of my future work.


Anyway, enjoy the photos below:








The top block here is where I did most of the repair work. I started by cutting and restoring the right back pocket, which is a repair I'd never done before. I couldn't decide which thread color or type of stitch to use so it's a bit messy, but I think it fits the aesthetic.


Here, from clockwise:

-Repaired belt loop (the old one was nearly shredded through) with old fabric from my Nudies, which is probably as old as the Levis are!

-Patch under the diagonal panels where the warp had worn away—mostly preventative.

-Repaired back pocket, sloppy stitching included. I used a cool piece of denim from some shredded overalls I came across in India. There's also a small circular patch above where the rivet used to be.

-Cutaway patch between the yoke and left back pocket, using some leftover fabric from the hem of my Tender jeans.

-Sashiko stitch over a hold beginning to form on the leftmost diagonal panel. I wonder what caused these areas to wear through so quickly?


Moving to the front now...




These went through the wash twice before I started working on them, if you can believe it! Although Levis aren't made in San Francisco anymore, it's apparent that a lot of this dirt is on rent control... it'll never leave! (sorry that was a bad joke)

[side note: if you're interested in learning about San Francisco's rent control laws, and general struggles with gentrification, check this article out!]




I made two main repairs in this area: the crotch (which I did very carefully in the spring) and the right thigh (which I did not-so-carefully this week). The crotch uses more of my old Nudie fabric, cut to size and hand-chainstitched from the inside. The right thigh uses some tweed fabric from a Supreme hat I had way back in high school... thank goodness that's over!




Some more sashiko stitching on the back of the crotch, which I did a bit halfheartedly on Wednesday. This may be temporary as I think the tearing in the crotch will require an actual patch pretty soon.




Finally, the knee patch, which I had a lot of fun with. I'd really like to do more of these types of repairs in the future!


And some other shots to finish it all off:








Thanks for looking!

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nice display+wear concept for an evo post @denihilist! i always wonder how those incredibly evo-ed jeans on this page fit on their wearers. superb fits too on all your jeans!

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