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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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Big update.


My FHxNFxTY finally hit a year of wear with 10 washes and 2 initial soaks. These are my grail pair and i actually bought them from a user here. I was insanely excited to see one of 50 pairs in deadstock condition and in my size. These are the jeans that i thought i would never own. I love them. Theyre a weird guy cut with FH denim and details. all of the copper rivets, iron buttons pocket bags, stitching, all flat head. One unique feature I love is the international arcs in a tonal stitching which is not available on any other The Flat Head model. I had the crotch repaired last month and a few stitches reinforced by Indigo proof (thanks Tyler and Rain)


Color is accurate.










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Great updates seen here over the last 2 months!!!!

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Great update man!!!!

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No filter iPhone 6S pics from me mate, the colour is nice but it's the texture that makes them special for me. A bit like Samurai Jins before they changed the denim.

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Hey guys.  I am taking part in the Left Field Black Maria contest.  Thought I would post these here as well.  I took these in direct sunlight, since I've been trying to get different lighting conditions each time I update in the LF forum.

Chelseas, 7 months in, approximately 160 wears, no washes or soaks:






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I love this strong denim evo on those black jeans!!!!!!!

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The Nashvilles was obtained 2012-04-23 and have been worn sparsely over the years.

I decided to cut of my old Edwin Nashvilles to shorts.

I have been thinking of doing this for quite some time.

But somehow it has felt wrong "ruining" them.

Anyhow, done is done and I am happy with the result.

Now I got a lovely pair of shorts for the summer months. :)








Hem job done over att Nifty Jeans here in Malmö Sweden on a Union Special 43200g.

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Looking impressing, although I couldn't do it.

Great to keep the legs so you can compare later

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Samurai 710 DMO Geisha Denim - 3 months, 2 soaks, 1 machine wash 


Added these to the geisha thread as well, figured it would be useful to have a log of the denim in here for search purposes 


Here's my pair, had them tapered a tad to fit me a bit better. 2 Hot soaks, one wash last weekend. These have been on 2, 12km hikes and other than that they've been worn to the office only. Since i got them after Christmas I've probably put 3 months of wear into them on rotation with my FH3009 DWC pair. 


Tried to use lightroom to emulate how these look IRL, my monitor hasn't been calibrated in a while so these may look off on some screens, should be pretty true to colour on MBP and MBP retinas 


26555538093_cfdc59808a_o.jpg_SDG2422 by matt karai, on Flickr


27160126645_01c180d42d_o.jpg_SDG2413 by matt karai, on Flickr


26555570493_a2410d0f23_o.jpg_SDG2431 by matt karai, on Flickr


27064997792_1059297fc7_o.jpg_SDG2411 by matt karai, on Flickr


27091649921_c975dc55d3_o.jpg_SDG2425 by matt karai, on Flickr


26555553943_26d6e7c6d5_o.jpg_SDG2427 by matt karai, on Flickr


27065015382_f4e1a03b00_o.jpg_SDG2429 by matt karai, on Flickr

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 Hanzo raid 17oz


1 year ( 1 month rest )

1 wash







I'm officially quit DWC   :(
Having fun so far in this contest, best of luck to all of you guys that still committed to this contest   :laugh2:


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Haven't been on here in awhile but here are my Imperial Shearers as of recent.

They need some serious repairs but they're my go to jeans as of late. 




Incredible denim evolution seen here. A

Any back side pic as well?

And promise me to never ever throwing them away.

Otherwise let me know before.

They deserve an eternal life for sure.

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