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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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My A.P.C. Petit Standard just before the first wash. Only got the to about 100 - 130 wears but these puppies smell like wet dog after i bike through rain. Not the best photographer and my tool is an iPhone 5.



















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Roy RN1. Some darned repairs by Self Edge, some darned and hand-stitched repairs by Holy Stitch. Already time to go in for the next round of repairs.




Pure raw denim porn seen here.

I can't stop watching those awesome looking jeans which have reached the Holy Grail Status by far and reflecting the full power of natural denim evolution at its best.


Keep them alive for ever and be sure to never ever throwing them away!!

It would be an honor to display them in the Jeansmuseum of heaviest fadings at any time!!

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xpost from Eternal tred
883 - i rarely wear jeans in the summer time, so these nearly 1 year-old jawnz have not seen a whole lot. It's just started getting cooler.
Washed once by Eternal and once by me

The brownish staining on the right thigh is from constantly wiping ground coffee on my pants after leveling and tamping.

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