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  1. Shoes that look better with age...

    I've had these brown chukkas for three years. From some brand called Wholesome London that I think existed for about five minutes, but the shoes are ridiculously comfortable and good-lookin'. The wedge sole was wearing down and peeling off, so I took them to Willie's Shoe Service in LA. Raúl informed me that though the shoes looked to be welted, it was actually just for show -- the welting stitching was just a decoration around an upper that was glued to the sole. I was miffed. He assured me he could rectify this in the re-sole. I just got the shoes back and they are fucking incredible. Vibram Gloxy Cut soles with new leather midsole, fully religned with hidden eyelets. Fuck yes. New Before After Before After Another after shot, from Raúl And, the best part -- now I won't get confused anymore!
  2. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Cross-post from the denim repair thread.
  3. Denim Repair

    Tried my hand at some sashiko stitching on my Roy RN-1's
  4. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I've seen more serious
  5. Roy RN1. Some darned repairs by Self Edge, some darned and hand-stitched repairs by Holy Stitch. Already time to go in for the next round of repairs.
  6. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Roy RN1. Some darned repairs by Self Edge, some darned and hand-stitched repairs by Holy Stitch. Already time to go in for the next round of repairs.
  7. korea :: seoul :: general

    Heading to Seoul for work for 9 days. Will have about 3 days to entertain myself, plus potentially a couple evenings. Generally I like to find a couple neighborhood to just wander around in, stopping for coffee, booze or snacks wherever jumps out at me. The more weird, eccentric or inexplicable, the better. Not into "fancy" shit -- I'm much more into what's actually good without the bullshit. Any top-of-mind recommendations?
  8. Vans Vault Derby LX Taka Hayashi shoes added
  9. Apolis x Katin vintage style swim trunk sz 28 BNWT Brand new with tags nylon swim trunks, "shore guard" yellow, size 30. A collaboration between Apolis and Katin. Made in USA. Retailed for $106, but long since sold out. More info about their nylon swim trunks on the Apolis website. On eBay Note that these do not come with the tie-string. Please feel free to message with any questions. If you want to Buy It Now and have the shoes by Christmas, I'm happy to work with you to coordinate. [/img]
  10. I dig 'em, but I never wear 'em, so I'd rather they stop gathering dust and go to someone with the swagger to rock them. Part of the Marc Jacobs collaboration with Wrangler. Retailed for $300. Only worn once, as far as I remember - put them away with the cuffs still rolled up, hence the cuff-creases. I'm sure they'll fall out quickly. $80 shipped in the US, $85 shipped to Canada, PM for shipping elsewhere Blue in Green style measurements: Waist: 15.75" across Front rise: 10.25" Upper Thigh: 11.5" across Knee: 8.25" across Leg opening: 8" across Inseam: 34.5"