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  1. tion4->

    3sixteen Jeans

    Just ordered the black/black 3s jacket - curious what the colour transfer is like. Worried my shirts are all gonna get black shoulders/etc. Is it worth giving a wash/soak before wearing?
  2. My 400T size 33 are at 10.8" front rise and 14.5" back rise after a couple years. To me they feel more like a higher rise because of the roomy hips...they don't pull at the hips.
  3. tion4->

    The Strike Gold

    Looking great - let’s see some more!
  4. tion4->

    The Strike Gold

    I’ve been wondering about this cut as well. For some reason I thought it was the same as the SEXSG24, but the 04 cut seems to be much wider in the knee, a bit longer front rise, and a lower back rise. I like the cut of my wavy standards, and interested in the 5xxx denim. Anyone have these?
  5. tion4->

    UES Denim

    UES400T - unknown number of wears since 2015, and at least 6+ washes. These are ridiculously comfortable, but have become a bit baggy, so they're now my at home lazy jeans. The denim is so soft that they don't really hold creases much anymore. So, where I once had some nice contrast to the whiskers, they've actually muted a bit with more wear. Thinking of trying out the UES400ST next, my only complaint with the 400T was they are a bit more roomy than I'd like.
  6. tion4->

    The Strike Gold

    These are looking great for 60 days of wear. I'm hoping mine start looking like that soon. I find they don't form as defined creases as other pairs...eg the honeycomb creases are not defined much.
  7. tion4->

    The Strike Gold

    Finally posting fit pics of my SEXSG24. Got them in Sept 2017, but didn't have a chance to wear them with a hot and humid Aussie summer. Started wearing in June...so this is with about 4 weeks of wear (3-4 days a week), just getting started. Still feeling like the rise is too low for my liking, but getting used to it.