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  1. slavo

    Samurai Jeans

    Samurai 710 geisha denim x denimio. Haven’t worn these for a while but lost a bit of weight so fit better now.
  2. slavo

    BS United Oni Denim Pics

    also interested in these 2, want a black pair of jeans for work. whats the difference between the two cuts, they both seem to be heavily tappered.
  3. slavo


    Cheers, mines just arrived. Overall I’m happy with it just the denim around the shoulders needs to settle, it looks like I’m wearing shoulder pads right now. Tempted to do a soak but worried about shrinkage, did yours shrink much ?
  4. slavo


    hi i've just pre-ordered the type 2 denim jacket (size 46). Does anyone already have this jacket in the same size and would be able to share the measurements, i'm concerned about the pit-pit as some sites have it down quite a bit smaller than denimio. cheers