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  1. cheers for the help, I think I'm gonna go for a 34.
  2. thinking of a new pair of sams, maybe something abit wider/ relaxed to my 710's/ S0500's. was thinking of the S5000vx 21oz (just seen denimio have had a restock). is the fit a lot wider to the 710's. also is ok to sd1, my 710's are 34 which is ttf.
  3. yep, tempted to cop some 400t. whats generally the sizing advice on these ? measurements suggest that I size down one.
  4. Looking good dude.
  5. 710's. Just over 2 years. Lots of washes. Just had em repaired from Mr Handy (Holland). Haven't been wearing them much as im breaking the DMO's in
  6. A couple of pics of mine after a quick hand wash. Been wearing them since the start of Jan, 3/4 times a week. Pics don't really do em justice, they've come out lovely, very slubby, very blue. Last pics are next to my 19oz (2 years old)
  7. isn't the rise on 3009 pretty similar to a 710 ? looks like it from measurement
  8. Which shops in Japan stock Mccoys and ship to Europe ? Looking to get a full zip parka / hoodie Cheers
  9. Fading incredibly fast compared to my 19oz, lots indigo coming off my back pockets in just 2 weeks of wear. I don't usually do the 'don't wash for 6-8 months' but I think I will with these.
  10. decent amount of stretch on my pair,
  11. guys, selling my oni's. been soaked once. worn twice. haven't been hemmed. I should have sized up.
  12. selling a pair of ONI 546ZR 20oz, waist is size 33. These were bought in japan. lovely pair of jeans, very slubby. the cut is slim. unfortunately i have to sell them as i need a bigger size. They've been soaked once. no alterations have been made. I've worn them in the house maybe two times. I want a quick sale hence low cost measurments (approx) waist 17.5 inches back rise 13.5 inches thigh 10.2 inches leg opening 7.5 inches cost is £80 (free shipping within the uk) shipping to europe will be £10 and in US £15 paypal only pm or post below if you're interested or have any questions
  13. quick fit pic before someone comes into the changing rooms. will try and getter better ones up. size 34 , one soak, haven't been hemmed yet.happy with the fit. I usually wear 33 in the 19oz and these fit almost identically.
  14. Decent amount of stretch on my 16oz DMO's after a day's wear. Thought I'd have to size up to 35 but think I'll stick with the 34's.
  15. mine arrived, very impressed by the denim. its a lot darker than I was expecting. think i'm going to keep the 34's.