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  1. Ah, I get them confused. Copy that. Thanks for the clarification!
  2. I remember the SuFu 660 being special because it was the first time Warehouse used the Banner Denim on a dubbleworks cut. They continued to make a 660 in the banner denim for BiG if I remember correctly.
  3. I think it's definitely peaking. Wider Legs coming in will help cool it off too.
  4. Yeah, seconding that. If I have to use the stream to do what the old forum would do, that's fine, but I would prefer to limit the stream to forums I'm interested in.
  5. Yeah, perfect storm brewing for that: 90s nostalgia going full swing, people growing tired of the current jeggings trend, but don't want to go full athleisure...
  6. I knew the guy that was funding it...I think they just over-extended themselves. But yeah, I never got a pair either because I wasn't that impressed with them. I know they were selling a bunch of their deadstock denim...I wonder about the machines...
  7. Hey Broark, did you hear that Traveller Denim is closing down?
  8. Probably just need to start giving people tests before they buy their jeans to make sure their hearts are pure. 10chars
  9. How can you tell if they're wearing their jeans for 'the right reasons' on the street?
  10. Ed why did you start Tanuki?
  11. the pieces I regret sleeping on the most are workers pieces.
  12. I would go to the LA screening as well. I'm bummed I can't make it to SF.
  13. Should've just called it Gabriel Hounds and been done with it.
  14. Can we get a mod to make a SuperEconomics board please?
  15. My guess is that the stores on Rakuten aren't actively targeting the overseas market.