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WAYWT 2019 [denim edition]


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4 minutes ago, SmokeStackLightning said:

Yeah I am going with the 50s for sure with my next jean, hemmed by TCB of course, in the coming months once I get the itch for a new pair. 

They seem to fit everyone great, but lately we have seen some especially great examples!

Definitely get them hemmed by TCB. My only gripe about these is that I got them from Denimio,not realizing that the raw inseam was a bonkers 39". After washing and shrinking they hit 35.75", but that was a huge folded cuff on me. I ended up getting them hemmed at Mildblend in Chicago. They did a clean job, but the the hem fold is too large for my taste and roping is still up in the air. 

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4 hours ago, lance said:

Great posts today!

Toegun nice outfit, super budding family!

MJF9  Dry Bones x SE wonderful jeans, epic evo!

chambo2008  nice photo, cool Momotaro tux!

Spiraltoy  great lvc fades, cute kid!

Thanks Lance, we’re making the most of the nice weather!

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First day out of the air cast so new Jean's debut day! :D

Off to the annual Whiskey Club Festival, free tasting samples all day :rolleyes:

Rocky mountain 

Full count

Oni Azumi/Black



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1 hour ago, MJF9 said:





MF indigo twill métis (maiden voyage)


2019-03-02 17.01.04.jpg

To my way of thinking, that jacket fits you perfect in the shoulder and the sleeve length, especially your left wrist.

I would make a disparaging comment about your scarf being unmanly but you look like you could knock my block off so I won’t.  ;-)


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