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WAYWT 2019 [denim edition]


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1 hour ago, volvo240thebest said:


vintage buffalo check jacket by King Cole
cheap turtleneck
tcb 20s contest pants

Nice Whites and you definitely have the ultimate process for fades. Those are like enzyme fades the way you get that loss of indigo on the thighs but the rest of the denim continues to hold the dye. I just don’t know how you achieve that luxurious fade by spending your days walking around that old Village looking dapper.

For those of us stuck in a far less postcard type architecture, could you take a couple of photos sitting at a local cafe of similar stone? 

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21 minutes ago, VivaMarlon said:

There go those 50s again!

Yeah I am going with the 50s for sure with my next jean, hemmed by TCB of course, in the coming months once I get the itch for a new pair. 

They seem to fit everyone great, but lately we have seen some especially great examples!

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