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  1. Full Count Denim Thread

    Wow, thanks for the heads up! I just bought the last 29, had to pull the trigger at that price! Sized down one per multiple recommendations.
  2. Full Count Denim Thread

    Those look great, @oomslokop! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Full Count Denim Thread

    Edit: Double post
  4. Full Count Denim Thread

    Anyone care to post some more 1108/1108xx pictures?
  5. The Flat Head

    I like 'em, which pair are they?
  6. Full Count Denim Thread

    From Denimio? Seems like they're only offering the one wash version, right?
  7. Full Count Denim Thread

    What are some differences between the XX and the standard FC denim other than weight? It seems like more people here lean towards the XX, any particular reason for that?
  8. Full Count Denim Thread

    Looks like I'll be getting a pair of 1108 sometime before January, these are a slim-straight 1950's cut, correct? The general consensus is to size down 1?
  9. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Other than rockabilly, I'd say I listen to all of the above, I sometimes feel out of place at these shows cause I'm not really wearing "the uniform," although you do see your fair share of selvedge jeans at indie rock and hardcore/punk shows these days, at least in California.
  10. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Before I knew much of anything at all about denim, I worked at UNIQLO and that was actually the first place I saw that did only one or two different lengths. They also offered a free hemming service if the jeans/pants were over a certain price, unfortunately this wasn't too popular as a large percentage of shoppers were tourists who wouldn't be able to come pick their jeans back up at a later date, just an interesting note on that. It would be nice to not have to hem my jeans all the time, but my cuffs would be unreasonably tall seeing as I'm only 5'5" (1.67m).
  11. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Maybe this question is better suited for the "general questions" thread, but with regards to not wasting material on a longer leg, I've always wondered why it's so common for many of the companies we love to only offer one or two different lengths. Being a shorter guy, I always have to get my jeans hemmed, was this common practice in the earlier days of denim? Regardless of where I purchased them, I always take my jeans to Self Edge cause they do a great job and I'm in the area regularly, just something I'm curious about.
  12. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I just received the pair that I ordered and I noticed something interesting, the tag says 1954 at the top, but in the description it says "These 1947 501z Jeans have a zip fly and a narrow, tapered leg." Has anyone noticed that before? Also, the patch is different than what I've seen on other pairs of 1954s.
  13. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    For those in the US, "REVOLVR" has a few sizes in the 1947 and 1954 at about 40% off original price ($156), I just went ahead and bought a pair.
  14. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I really like the 1954! My pair of 1967 were sanforized so I didn't need to account for much shrinkage, but I know these will shrink, how good are they about stretching back in the waist? Should I size up?