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WAYWT 2019 [denim edition]


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From a couple/few weeks ago; this was pretty much my daily winter costume. 



TFH heavy winter flannel, blue hounds tooth




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(Carries over from the Samurai thread) Sam S3000vx and some poor chambray work shirt that most probably thought it would never see an actual physical work day!




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^ hua hua hua

joining the casul moc-toe revolution of @istewi, @volvo240thebest, @Spiraltoy...

dickies, tcb20s, russell moccasins

(not custom made, so requisite no. of internet points to be deducted...)

being eyeing up yuketen for so long, but then these come along...



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thanx [- and srs respect to yr style innovations]

the most serious shoe investment I have made yet into the only brand I have seen recommended by swat instructors alongside dearest eastern hipsters and also biblical trump-ish hunters (and I thought I was going for relaxed summer style to replace poor options of chucks, desert boots, birkenstocks...)

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Vintage, Scotch & Soda, union made x journal made, LVC ‘66, Allen Edmonds x Trading post.

Happy Easter everybody!


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