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the biggest i can find in the colour i want is a 11.5, so fingers crossed...


if you're looking for grey primeknit i stumbled across these:




while looking for maroon primeknit campus 80s in a 7.5; if anyone knows where to purchase.  i picked up primeknit pureboost and i really dig the material.

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^ Speak of Superstars, how do they size? I'm a 9~9.5 in most things. I feel like I'm just going to rebound purchase on the Nigo 80s ones.


Ah, the taste of sadness. 

tts i'd say. or at least that's how it is with my ooooooold pair. those are a half size too small on me but still wearable without dying—just not the best feeling. >_> probs 9.5 in your case? x_x

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ultra fashun folks and kpop bandwagoneers (at least that's how it is here) + insano clothes homosexuals, no offense meant.

i would rather go this direction of adidas collaborations personally


actually like that patchwork-y orange pair on left


60% off these and nearly full size run http://www.hanon-shop.com/c/q/clearance

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