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^don't buy both they're too similar

the edbergs imho are superior but the tennis supers are perfectly ok


Yeah was thinking that as well, might get the tennis super in a different colorway or something else later on. I had been wanting the Edberg colorway for the longest opposed to the red one from Foot Patrol that came out around the same time.

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talking about these

I'm sure they were uncomfortable to me because the insole had a high ass arch on the inner sides of the shoes


i'm not too worried about the sizing, just about the comfort level

Primeknit stans mor comfortable. Dun worry. And the one u posted isn't just euro

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got some stans a few months ago but only wore em once because the sole is loud as fuck. I tried googling around and only found one person who had the same issue. 


does nobody else have this problem? cuz holy shit mine are loud it's like I'm fucking tap dancing every step. 


i got the white ones with the aged sole

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