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  1. Looking to buy prestos in volt, medium, in great or brand new condition! Was hoping haven would get them but guess not Located in Canada! Thx!
  2. happy birthday =]
  3. hope dinner was good =]
  4. I bought a pair of suede ape manhunts this summer. i've never owned suede shoes before, should i treat them with something b4 i wear them out? thx =]
  5. @ink, sorry i didn't mean to neg
  6. how do ss15 qasa highs fit? should i go same size as racers? thx =]
  7. still looking for size M black pt5s-s =]
  8. WTB - p5ts-s pants, black size M (maybe S). nothing brand new, please message me! thanks
  9. you wouldn't happen to have measurements for the gosha would you? thanks (sorry for bumping when i could have pm'd, posted this quick before thinking. my appologies)
  10. c.e

    thank you!