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^second shoe is the best of the collab footwear. spectus shoe co doe.
kind of wish they didn't go for stans/zx flux tbh. feels like a real copout going for mainline shoes; too safe i guess? iunno. guess it makes sense from a "casual" sneaker use perspective (duh) but i was hoping the collab would be some weird ass hybrid hiking boot or smth. maybe dig some old eqt trail stuff out and give wm treatment. imagine a wm eqt badlander???
would have been amazing

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got some black suede stans a few weeks ago and i love them but they fit a little small (aus distributors don't have half sizes) - is this the general consensus?

for new gen stans imo yes.

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^one of my main gripes with this model and others is how they don't utilize same textiles for the entire body, just the side panels.  they do this shit for colors too! for example the superstars side panels vs. their tongues.








this aint anything special imo, but i'll prob kop just cause all white ss

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Pretty sure the whole shoe is full patent, but sschad is right my vintage stan smiths use different leather (shitty too) at the tongue but the body is smooth and decent. Cut corners...

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