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let's talk about old/weird(?) sneakers

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uptempo's were the first pair of sneakers (and perhaps the first article of clothing) that i ever saw as a child and lusted over - i'm pretty sure i actually said 'wow' when i first saw them. i was allowed one pair of shoes a year, and from memory they retailed for around $220 AUS - the most my mum could ever afford was $100 and even that was a stretch. unfortunately i grew up in a poor household so i never got to own a pair, and allthough i'm not interested in wearing them now (or sneakers in general) i still think they look amazing and seeing them instantly makes me nostalgic and takes me back to 90's basketball fandom.

during my years of playing basketball (age 8-14ish, i'm now almost 26) i was always jealous of the kids who had jordans, uptempo's and so on - i think the only pair of semi-decent basketball shoes i ever had were those half-red/half-black converse joints made for rodman. i was only able to have them because they were a season old and on sale for half-price (i distinctly remember how much they were, $90!). i was so grateful, and i vividly remember lying down when i got them and just admiring them for an hour or so. they are pretty hideous looking back on them now, but again i have fond memories due to them being one of the first pieces of clothing i owned that i was completely in love with.

on a related note, i always had huge respect (and still do) for olajuwon for being maybe 1 of 3 players in the entire history of the nba who wasn't primarily interested in money and endorsed a shoe that was affordable and available to practically everyone. props to spalding, too.


(can't find a better pic).

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forgot about the nike air raid:


pretty sure willhelm was pulling dna from air raid when these happened:


also giuliano fujiwara riffed on air raid straps:


and here's another giuliano fujiwara sneaker that makes me think of a huarache bball:


back to the nikes here's an enigmatic color of nike acg mowabb (possibly fake??? looks gr8 tho)

edit: apparently real and was available for really cheap at some point in time ;_;


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^ holy shit. serious mech vibes. especially from the middle one.

puma by MIHARAYASUHIRO snake sneaker looks like a weaker version of the pumps


Hate the sole on those. looks like those sketchers or mbt sandals.

TATA printed effect sneakers


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Another Ato sneaker:


man i love these. if i was ballin i'd find a pair and just go everywhere in them. i believe they're vibram soled so i'd even go on backpacking excursions with em. x_x

kobe 2s (right?) are ridiculous. shit is straight up potato feet; seem to recall a y-3 shoe that evoked a similar vibe.

those tata sneakers are pretty cool. by no means up my alley but yeah.

juun j x kiroic:


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