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let's talk about old/weird(?) sneakers

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^ghillie laced ones are great.

alexander mcqueen x puma


reebok kamikaze ii (like but don't like what resellers are asking for it)


also local seller has these pump furys


but idgaf if they're atmos collabs i'm broke and can't drop $206 on a pair of shoes atm (plus i'm probably more swept away by the idea of a pair of pump furys) ;_;

also some more ato stuff (chances are most of you have seen these before)

some high-ass winter boot (possibly on vibram sole as well???)


and these things he did with lacoste (ew) a while back.


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I recall seeing those ato x lacoste joints on oki-ni; those were in stock for the longest time. An easy pass in our minds.

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^as do i. easy pass indeed considering what they were going for; but i imagine i might buy them if i were to see them gathering dust somewhere for 1/5th the original price. probably just cut off lacoste tongue tag as douche/butch connotations are too strong here.

aaand then eventually find them just gathering dust, too.

yeah. lacoste is a confusing brand.

anyway rants aside back to shoes

here's the y-3 nomad racer; reminds me of the nike glove:


and y-3 x high, like the baby of a superstar and jordan xx8... except this came first.


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Quick phone pic I took of shoes I have that I think might fit this thread.

(Shout out to gndm for 'putting me on' to these Carnivores)

air mocs! Nice. I've got a pair of diet butchers i found in thrift shop (authenticity questionable somewhat), will take photo soon.

How much were carnivore retros back then?

Not sure. Their value's just a little more than what they originally went for but sometimes you'll find them for cheap. Paid 3k yen for mine.

not old, pretty ugly though.



they're okay. Wouldn't wear unless it came in black on white sole, maybe? lol

contemplating copping kamikaze 2s. thoughts?


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as always, more of a nostalgia factor than looks, even though i know you guys <3<3 the iversons i when the re-released them.  my bro bought these back in the day and i always wish my feet were big enough so i could jack him and he would be the shit out of me. 

i remember my mom flipping the fuck out when she found out how much he spent on them.  i would seriously just buy them for my bro just for that nostalgia.  not to mention they both say "DMX." arf arf.


my bro's colorways were both whited out.


Edit: oh shit, at least on the Iverson IV's, you get iverson's face on it with "only the strong survive" engraved.


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^damn those shox look gr8; first pair in particular. 

some jordans because why not lol
jordan 7 orion:
stumbled across them in an outlet in chiang mai when i was trying to figure my style out or something. tried them on but didn't have budget for them then. bit of an attachment tho as they turned me onto the path of old nikes and such.

jordan 10 stealth:

jordan 5 grape: 


i actually really like certain jordans i've realized, but there's a lot of annoying #swag types that i don't want to get associated with. assholeism from yours truly; true to form lol 

thinking of copping one of the three above for beaters but i'll sleep on it (for a notable while) as i always do. 

also stumbled across this oddity called the adidas lokdown 

pretty confusing actually; borderline club douche/bieber bs but i can't help but wonder where the hell adidas gets ideas for stuff like this what with the zippers on collar (black things) then the strap. strange.

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^googled nike legend and compared to my terminators. almost the same shoe down to lace loop on heel (love that) except terminator's got an extra heel panel where the legend does not, and the "NIKE" branding's been moved. it's on the back of the ankle for legend and on back of heel for terminator 

edit: so yeah pretty much the heel panel mostly

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tabi plimsolls? huh. not bad tbh. throw around within margiela/comme whatevs 'cept i'm too broke for that. 

aside from the usual mmm and visvim tabi styled footwear here's the onitsuka tiger okatabi; first shoe by a modern company styled after a tabi i believe 

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^i kind of dig the way the es22 looks as well

my interest in huarache free bball has also been rekindled; recall several people flipping out over the all black one on a white sole but i'm liking these 

anyone know if these'll see mass release? i've decided i want a pair x_x 

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pump furys look soooo good but i find myself more drawn to air max plus atm 

gdi i hope nike picks those up here x_x 

so here're old photos of my dbss (thrifted and unsure of authenticity) 



i dunno. they're a bit too small and kinda kill my feet but they seem to have stretched somewhat x_x

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gndm, I was just about to post my last remaining pair of DBSS...THOSE shoes in blue.


Sole is different from mine though, yours seems to have the high top soles, whereas mine have a more plain sole. Maybe an update? I only remember seeing red, black, and blue colorways.

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