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let's talk about old/weird(?) sneakers

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^waiting for someone in harajuku/someplace or other to buy a pair and turn the world upside down.

edit: always liked air killers but cannot afford.

also really great from dbss are these (and their black canvas counterparts):


some acg stuff this time

nike talaria boot:


nike ashiko:


nike salbis (unreleased T_T):


nike tallac (i like bright ugly shoes it seems):


if it isn't apparent i'm a nike fanboy, lol

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here's some stuff i quite like

reebok insta pump fury


nike air revaderchi (these are undercover colorways, grail status imho)

let's see em~

Insta Pump Fury is soooo underrated. They make my feet feel like they belong on a Gundam or an Evangelion.

These are a little loud, so I never wear them. Apparently they fetch a lot on Y!jp auctions. Kenzo Minami Insta Pump Fury from 2005.


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mecha shoe thread. one wonders why i didn't do that to begin with.

i love pump furys. that kenzo minami pair is a difficult wear tho x_x

on the topic of mecha shoes (if you haven't seen this already)


there's also this which isn't quite for me


but yeah. i reiterate my fondness for tallac


and let's not forget this, because tachikomas were mentioned


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@wahwho they're not bad imho. very early visvim vibes and on a vibram sole so i'm under the impression they'd be hardwearing; not really into moc toes tho

@skeet^ those are crazy x_x actual char aznable junts. where dat principality of zeon logo at tho? lol

the tallacs which i'm currently drooling over also come in a similar color but the vibe is somehow more ronald mcdonald than char aznable (here)

weirdly enough there's also a white mountaineering hiking boot in the same red/yellow

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most people prefer slimmer profiled shoes now so they just slap it on everything. it makes them look less like shoes for this thread, to shoes that'll sell. plus it's cheap as fuck to make a billion free soles by now.

pretty much. less tooling problems; the molds/toolings for the soles may have are either dead or degraded severely now. saves costs etc etc

Retros, but they qualify, yee?


yesssssss. was wanting for a while; dbss analog. haha

fuck jordan



uptempos are sickkk. imho difficult tho; very chunky and they'd probably look like dinosaur feet on me lol

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