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  1. the Yasutomo 2020 Wa-ben wallet seems like an interesting tech-y piece to carry, made of virtually rip resistant Cuben Fiber and weighs next to nothing.
  2. just kopped these for 40% off retail (sorry stock pic)
  3. thanks for the heads up. yup found that place when i was there but couldn't find what i was looking for though. managed to stumble upon Stone Island boutique in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, errthang's 30% off ATM including their Shdw Project line. fuck i miss TPE already.
  4. Cheers mate! Will def check that area out. Might be a long shot but was wondering are there any Acronym stockist in TPE? Am open to having a beer with any sufu-ers in town on Sat evening too.
  5. Heading to Taipei this Fri 5 Jul for the wknd. gonna be staying in ximending area. any rec on spots to grab some nike NSW, porter or master piece? TA!
  6. used to rock these. comfy as hell back in the days
  7. these were grail status back in the 80's where I'm from
  8. that cat is HUGEEE
  9. is it just me or those Y-3s look like a really tricked out Roshe?
  10. n(n).nike.rbk.
  11. still available....
  12. 8:11
  13. gin oy's really a gem. she's here talking about her tats and her mum (sorry only in mandarin):