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let's talk about old/weird(?) sneakers

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Gotta give credit to the hometown hero.

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Osiris D3's are somewhat irrelevant, but I just have to post them here. Everybody wore these shits when I was growing up:



i dont kno the technical aspects of these, but they fugly.  they look like fat caterpillar

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gndm, I was just about to post my last remaining pair of DBSS...THOSE shoes in blue.


Sole is different from mine though, yours seems to have the high top soles, whereas mine have a more plain sole. Maybe an update? I only remember seeing red, black, and blue colorways.

ah the sole that's on their converse looking ones from a season or two ago plus those jordan-y ones blackbird used to stock? i've come across those while doing my research on these things. no idea what the deal is, seriously hahaha. 



wow. i'd have thought seeing spring courts like that would make me angry but i somehow dig them x_x


Osiris D3's are somewhat irrelevant, but I just have to post them here. Everybody wore these shits when I was growing up:




ah, yes. these definitely belong here. ridiculous, huge, and fkn ugly.

but i kinda find them charming x_x there're some willhelms that have similar eyelets too. the ones from this f/w do, plus his rope trainers... 


my cousins handed me this really odd looking pair of sneakers made by... speedo of all brands. trippy but past that i just do not know. will take photos of soon x_x

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bumping for some air max junts this time 

nike air dt max 96 (this colorway due for re-release this year apparently)


nike air force max cb 


nike air force max (just stumbled upon someone selling white/black pair)

lanvin biting that raf thang 


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^seriously speaking tho, is jordan brand's quality that bad nowadays? idgaf about creasing or whatever 'cause they'll be to beat, but then what about midsole blowouts or separation or paint chipping or whatevs x_x

edit: v rare nike air zoom citizen 

here's a great ad for it 

and here's the reason why i got interested in jordans
kolor sneaker from s/s 11 (ss 11 lookbook v inspirational to me but that brand's all over the place x_x)
there was a more colorful variant of these on oki-ni before

n. hoolywood s/s 10

n. hoolywood f/w 11 i think??? 
(collection name might have been riff on nike lava dome, dunno)

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wanted citizens so bad as a kid. what were the cross training ones with vis zoom that came out at the same time? those too


i know citizens have vis zoom or something... not sure about those crosstrainers tho. in 1999 i cared only about what transformers i could buy and blahblahblah. clothes were just there so that i wouldn't leave the house naked lol


searching for nike alpha project stuff (which the citizen was part of) yields some interesting things

nike air fantaposite 



unless you mean zoom haven? (wait no, no vis zoom here... where they hi tops or something? lol)


also there's the air chapuka, which i first saw on flock's tumblr 



lightning bolt TNs

Want to get my hands on these or the bootleg Burberry ones 


i just want the white gradient ones ;_;


Aqua VIII is getting retro'd this year. KOPPP

iunno. would rather the bugs bunny ones. pricetag kinda ridiculous tho, like getting AM 95s would be cheaper and better for me in the long run x_x

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oh! those are in this thread; approx two pages back. laces were in a pocket inside what should have been the tongue so they were kind of useless or something.... man. 



iunno about you but i'd totally wear a pair; think they look gr8 ;_;

these belong here

i actually also really dig lol

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I am all about that neoprene.



Nike Air Current

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@northwest air currents are kewl. better than air flows imho. 

@denton nice. better looking than fantaposite. you had a pair?

so many of the shoes in this thread i was too young to remember ever seeing when they came out x_x

you guys have probably seen this on tumblr 
nike free design from 1994; different beast entirely 
via http://garywarnett.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/tinkering/

also not so weird but fairly old
here's the colorway of the adidas amerciana hi for those of you that want to get your daft punk swag on 
sadly toebox on newer release of the americana hi is very sleek and pointy it seems. imho loses some of its power without that aggro toebox. just nitpicking tho.

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