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    whit hi btw
  2. shit you hate

    cities/countries where corner stores suck
  3. video games ruined my life

    Switch. Mostly been playing on airplanes and in bed.
  4. video games ruined my life

    I've put 60 hours into Zelda since I got it. That's a scary amount of hours per day. The last time I spent so much time with a game was probably Skate 2, however many years ago that came out. Breath of the Wild is not without its flaws, but they absolutely made the best open world to explore of any game ever.
  5. Stop Lurking

    now that we have pinterest integration sufu will be back on top in no time
  6. RIP Vine

  7. england :: london :: general

    its fine but overpriced and not worth waiting 30+ minutes for. if u see a girl carry their tote bag u know shes a shy rich art student
  8. Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    i don't know what you're talking about
  9. Toogood S/S 17 - London

  10. video games ruined my life

    Don't need to work for the next two weeks, so I'm playing Symphony of the Night and Thief 1/2. Current gen and the tail end of last gen were mostly crap to be honest and I didn't enjoy any of the AAA releases in the last ~5 years. But these games are reminding me of how great games can be. I feel like current gen games are either super casual cinematic experience type trash or Hardcore Gamer Dark Souls type stuff and I don't really get along with either of those extremes. I just like a good single player game with a normal difficulty curve, interesting gameplay mechanics, and good narrative/art/world building.
  11. posts u regret

    im glad search is forever broken / reason: my turds/posts
  12. japan :: tokyo :: general

    info on this please
  13. Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    maybe dont punch your friend in the face over some dumb shit
  14. How do any of you afford this?

    ^ same, plus I work in the industry now so I get free stuff every now and then and also make some clothes for myself when I have the time. Now if I go to Dover Street Market or browse online shops or whatever, there isn't really much stuff that I want, even though I could easily buy a few things. A few years ago I would have bought half the stuff in the store if I'd had the money. My wardrobe is basically complete at this point with exactly the things I want, so having more clothes just kind of feels like a burden. Browsing the auctions, classifieds, etc. for bargains on the best pieces was kind of a fun game in itself, having to put in work to search for obscure stuff is fun, so maybe now that it's not necessary anymore and I also have a lot less time, the whole thing has just lost its appeal a bit.