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  1. now that we have pinterest integration sufu will be back on top in no time
  3. its fine but overpriced and not worth waiting 30+ minutes for. if u see a girl carry their tote bag u know shes a shy rich art student
  4. i don't know what you're talking about
  5. lol
  6. Don't need to work for the next two weeks, so I'm playing Symphony of the Night and Thief 1/2. Current gen and the tail end of last gen were mostly crap to be honest and I didn't enjoy any of the AAA releases in the last ~5 years. But these games are reminding me of how great games can be. I feel like current gen games are either super casual cinematic experience type trash or Hardcore Gamer Dark Souls type stuff and I don't really get along with either of those extremes. I just like a good single player game with a normal difficulty curve, interesting gameplay mechanics, and good narrative/art/world building.
  7. im glad search is forever broken / reason: my turds/posts
  8. info on this please
  9. maybe dont punch your friend in the face over some dumb shit
  10. ^ same, plus I work in the industry now so I get free stuff every now and then and also make some clothes for myself when I have the time. Now if I go to Dover Street Market or browse online shops or whatever, there isn't really much stuff that I want, even though I could easily buy a few things. A few years ago I would have bought half the stuff in the store if I'd had the money. My wardrobe is basically complete at this point with exactly the things I want, so having more clothes just kind of feels like a burden. Browsing the auctions, classifieds, etc. for bargains on the best pieces was kind of a fun game in itself, having to put in work to search for obscure stuff is fun, so maybe now that it's not necessary anymore and I also have a lot less time, the whole thing has just lost its appeal a bit.
  11. So once again he stole an idea from Margiela and made it worse...
  12. she did a good job :-)