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  1. Anyone got any furniture store recommendations?
  2. I feel for you. I got some Neanderthal sh*t going on. Also my sense of smell is terrible.
  3. That japanese girl aint cute. This is the sh*t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKKT7zE_0Zg
  4. Sieko SKX007 with Nato Strap (Cant be a**ed taking my own photo, anyway it looks like this)
  5. Sweet. Im off to tokyo tomorrow !!!!!! Ready to drop my cash on some japan only steez. If only I was paid in a currency which isnt so dependant on oil.
  6. Quarter life crisis continues Mauro Grifoni Jacket Cos Jumper
  7. Alright so noone gets a massage tokyo? The place drajio posted looks like a gentleman's club. What's in gotanda?
  8. Ok this is going to sounds a bit random but where do I find good spa / massage place in Japan. No dodgy shit just shit that is centrally located and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
  9. My Quarter Life Crisis has begun
  10. Depends on the material of the blade. If its stainless you should be good unless you leave water on it. Then it may be susceptible to pitting corrosion. Otherwise if its plain carbon steel its just a matter of time before the corrosion comes. Oiling will definitely help.
  11. Maybe a douk douk knife or a Mercator K55K mike
  12. Working in offshore construction and some of the guys are almost full retard. I'm like do you know how close you are to killing people. That said most guys working offshore at not like this!
  13. I work as an engineer in offshore construction in Australia and South East Asia. I work roughly 3 months of the year on a boat installing subsea structures and pipelines for oil & gas companies. The rest of my time is spent in the office. Get to travel often, sadly mostly just to Singapore/Malaysia/Batam Indonesia though. Thinking about getting a job in West Africa,UAE (for the epic monies) or Norway (cause its an awesome place).