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  1. bencap

    3sixteen Jeans

    Here are some pre and post wash pictures of my 21BSP. I think I've had them about two and a half years, although they were worn on and off over that time. Not sure how many washes, probably between 6 and 8. Unfortunately they've shrunk continuously even after the first two washes, and I've gained a bit of weight too, so they're too tight for me now. A pity, because they were just getting nice and had a lot of life left. These would have looked fabulous after another year. The color was hard to capture, it definitely changes a lot depending on light source. While being very rich indigo, they're not as intensely blue as the pictures in direct sunlight would suggest. True color is somewhere between the color of the first and last photos, but being closer to the last photo. Pre-Wash Post-Wash (looks weird to me due to lack of creases, but gives a good idea of the fading)
  2. bencap

    1966 501's... in 1966

    What a great first post. Thanks for sharing, cheers!
  3. bencap


    Is the paper patch standard on all Denime models now? I almost got a pair of the 66 type on denimio, but I thought the paper patch was used on their "budget" line with cheaper denim, so I opted not to. Not much info about them on the site, and the information online is all over the place due to all the different versions over the years.
  4. bencap

    Samurai Jeans

    Hard to tell but looks like there are either no arcs, or dark arcs like on s710 19oz, which I am really happy about. I generally don't like any kind of contrast stitching for pocket arcs, except the classic levi's ones. I unfortunately just used up all my denimio points on a pair of s710NBK, otherwise I would have waited for these to come around on sale.