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  1. They wrote the same like two weeks ago... Hopefully it is not April, this or next week would suit the release schedule.
  2. No leaks yet? I guess it is the next week then
  3. Pretty decent collection and it looks like Jun added some new technologies
  4. https://www.sivasdescalzo.com/en/nike-af1-dwntwn-hi-acrnym-sp-649941-003 blacks for those who missed the release
  5. I need crimsons 10us in eu, if anybody could help me out with proxy please pm The resellers with these air forces are funny. These are really not for the masses and I dont think they are wearable with anything except acrnm(+-).
  6. November
  7. The graphics for this season are terrible
  8. My good friend makes already 2 types with lots of color variations of these for a good price, shoot him a dm or on fb Here are mine
  9. I did not like the CDG collab much but these vapors are badass
  10. Disappointment for me
  11. At least something new, original. Not just some gts with different pocket arrangement, webbing, old 3A in black, p10 and 23 etc. Those are all cool staples but some real innovation is missing the last few seasons.
  12. Want to buy j38-lp or other ac coats size M/L
  13. https://www.grailed.com/listings/1108562-Acronym-3A-3TS-SVR-3A-Messenger-Bag
  14. I wanted those cargos and ordered them from Soto but they got some system problems and got 15% discount code instead Seeing they are "that" green I am not even mad, I prefer the yellowish acrnm colourway. But they fit you good gantz, thanks for the photos
  15. There were some AJ1 in the past lookbooks, could anybody point me to those photos or even better post them here please?