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  1. any info regarding ac x gt is really appreciated Please keep us posted if you find anything new guys
  2. WTB DAF-001 (white) 10,5 us WTS P10ts-ds L
  3. anybody got experience with the jacket pictured^ or some other from this season? I would like to know whats the sizing like. I am usually M/L and with the past seasons L was a clear bet but I am not sure about the newer collections.
  4. WTS P10TS-DS in LARGE BNWT, located in EU Looking for retail (NittyGritty) + fees or trades for gear in M or white DAF 10,5 (you add) possible
  5. I guess nearly nobody uses the tecsys on pants. It is probably just for the look and the argument that they have done something new for them this season
  6. wow end finally made fit photos that don't make me puke
  7. If they rename it to Stone Island x Acronym then it will sold out in a minute, it is great how it is now
  8. firmament just dropped... p24 in M and L edit: http://www.firmamentberlin.com/acronym/28828/acronym-p10ts-ds-schoeller-dryskin-tec-sys-articulated-pant.html p10s
  9. superpass p25 and girl shots are the only positive new things
  10. anybody knows if nittygritty still stocks acrnm please?
  11. You can still buy those from tilak/sputnik
  12. They wrote the same like two weeks ago... Hopefully it is not April, this or next week would suit the release schedule.
  13. No leaks yet? I guess it is the next week then
  14. Pretty decent collection and it looks like Jun added some new technologies
  15. https://www.sivasdescalzo.com/en/nike-af1-dwntwn-hi-acrnym-sp-649941-003 blacks for those who missed the release