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  1. 1.7. on Nike Japan and probably other locations
  2. gz to your deals guys but this is not feedback thread and there is an option for it on profile interface
  3. could you guys please provide some pics with daf x cargos?
  4. Mars Yard 2.0 soon
  5. Nike Pocket Knife (used to be ACG model)
  6. Look for it in Urban Techwear Sales Thread...
  7. Don't worry though, you are not missing anything, the fits are getting worse and worse. Bandwagon kids are so obvious...
  8. ^are you talking about some other poncho? Shoes and cargo shorts might be the only problem to buy cheaper, maybe the cap if its nike exclusive
  9. https://www.thegoodwillout.com/catalogsearch/result?q=acg&source=webgains&siteid=126321 poncho is really 260 lol
  10. and what about some sufu x end promo code?
  11. Supreme seems like the next one lol On a serious note, I like everything from the collabs already made and wouldn't mind new Nike collab even though the hype. There aren't many choices on the market. And some japanese brand collab would be cool. A lot of us are/were UC heads and there were many tech attemps in the past. Visvim/Sasquatch and other more traditional might be cool as well.
  12. or tilak aira for a budget version of J25
  13. btw no new info about the rumoured drop of -pb's today?
  14. less acrnm look=more wearability with other brands I did not like the pockets on 24A too and I don't find 3/4 cuts much wearable (weather aspects). Very good choice if you need some baggies.
  15. The jacket looks like for fishermen... No more camo please.