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  1. BNWT. Red velvet with gold embroidery. Size 3 (can fit size EU46-48). Purchased from Labratory BerBerJin in Tokyo less than a month ago. Never worn. Paid around $1500 USD. Beautiful embroidery. Smooth velvet outer made from 100% rayon. Silky cupro lining. This piece is unreal in person. The only reason I'm selling is because I started to realize after the fact that the item is too cropped for my liking and I can't return it to the store. Please message for international shipping. Measurements available upon request. $1350 shipped.
  2. deafmetal

    5 brands you like but don't own anything from

    after 5 long years of lurking you've finally gotten around to your very first post... this. congrats and welcome.
  3. deafmetal

    where did your name come from?

    a really annoying and insecure car insurance ad.
  4. deafmetal

    where did your name come from?

    every time i see one of your posts it's like that same feeling i get when i'm streaming a vid and then get interrupted halfway by a car insurance ad.
  5. deafmetal

    A D I D A S

  6. deafmetal

    Lets Talk Sandals.

    edit: herpsky just reminded me how gyaru dudes only like alredo bannister so nvm lol thinking of these instead. pony hair is a nice touch.
  7. deafmetal

    Lets Talk Sandals.

    are these jp exclusives? pretty sick imo. i'm also in the hunt for more dressy sandals that aren't overly luxe in a "wall street analyst vacationing in the hamptons" kind of way if you know what i mean. still trying to get at this:
  8. deafmetal

    usa :: los angeles :: general

    kinjiro is prob my favorite jp restaurant in little tokyo right now. worth the $$$. other than kagaya, marugame monzo and q sushi, everything else in dtla/lil tyo is pretty sub-par. go to torrance if you want real jp food. there are also really good jp restaurants in bev hills/west la (some michelin star rated sushi places) and fountain valley/costa mesa areas. other noteworthy places not yet mentioned: italian: chi spacca angelini osteria bestia burgers/sandwiches: pie n' burger bill's hamburgers pier burger (even though it's kind of a tourist trap but they crust their burgers pretty well. i'm not into gourmet burgers. fuck father's office.) little jewel of new orleans (shrimp po' boy) langer's (i'm sure this has been mentioned) figueroa philly cheesesteaks chinese: din tai fung newport seafood huolala mien nghia noodle express (chinese/viet place with really good hainan chicken rice. homemade sauce is crack.) dessert: salt n' straw ice cream carmella's ice cream patisserie chantilly montmarte bonjour st patisserie chocolat yakiniku: tsuruhashi anjin tacos/mexican: el huarachito best fish tacos in ensenada taco zone truck southern/soul food: my two cents carolyn's kitchen serving spoon mostly everything in compton/inglewood french: le comptoir l'assiette trois mec
  9. deafmetal

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    i think putting forgiatos on it would be too gully.
  10. deafmetal

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    me and mrip went to a wildstyle party last year and detto kazuma was there also. i talked to him for a bit but his english was not so good; he just kept explaining how his label is abbreviated from his name, like i wasn't understanding this concept. after that he told me to send him a friend request on fb, so i did. he still hasn't accepted it.
  11. deafmetal

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    sometimes i feels regret for selling my archival raf coats and jackets from his golden years. i'll probably never see them again or at the prices i bought them for. but then again those sales did pay for my fully loaded bimmer. big thanks to raf inflation prices and to all the chumps who milked their student loan money so i can comfortably sit in premium leather.
  12. deafmetal

    shit you hate

    the korean senior citizens at my gym are real og. one hand resting on a hip. the other holding a hairdryer to their balls.